Hi there,

I’m Robert Bergman, the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana. Since 2012, I’ve been writing about growing marijuana, but I’ve been growing it for even longer than that. Here’s a little bit more about me as well as the rest of the team.

Robert Bergman

My Early Days

My fascination with marijuana started very early. As a matter of fact, by the mid-90s, I was growing marijuana in and around Amsterdam. At first, it was just small home grows where I produced a few plants at a time. However, I just loved it too much to stay small. After a while, I got really good at it and moved on to mega grows with industrial sized grow rooms and lab breeding.

My Mission

Eventually, I had to stop growing marijuana. That didn’t mean I wasn’t still passionate about it. I had learned too much about the marijuana plant to walk away. Although I loved every bit of professional marijuana growing, I knew those days were behind me. 

How could I continue doing what I loved? I figured, with over 20 years of experience at it, why not share what I’ve learned? I knew that the internet was the best way to reach the most people, so I started a blog. It would be a blog about growing marijuana.

From the beginning, I had big ideas for my blog. I wanted it to be a place where I’d write about everything related to growing marijuana, from caring for your plants and maintaining security, to accessing the highest quality seeds. I’d also discuss harvesting and selling. Above all, I wanted my readers to understand the entire process. For me, it would be part closure, part giving back.

ILGM Was Born

In 2012 some friends and I decided to make this dream a reality.  We launched I Love Growing Marijuana with this intention – share my knowledge and reach those looking to learn.

The blog was a hit, but people wanted to know where they could buy seeds. So, we partnered with top breeders to connect our readers with the best seeds on the market. Although it wasn’t our initial plan, it made sense. From the beginning, we wanted to focus on helping others grow, so why not provide seeds as well?

Helping you grow means supporting you throughout the entire process. So, in addition to providing the best information, we’re also keen on customer service and support after you receive your seeds. We want to make it easy for anyone to become an expert grower.

Why did we do this? It’s simple really; we love growing marijuana.

Happy growing!

Robert Bergman

ILGM Company Details

ilgm company

The phone number below does NOT provide customer support and it’s not possible to visit ILGM in person at this address. There are no products for sale at this address.

For support please send us a message here.

Visit my online seed bank to buy marijuana seeds.

Overschiestraat 59
1062 XD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +1 (415) 906-0434
E-mail: [email protected]



Customer support is a priority at ILGM, and Claire was the first to answer the call. A real angel with a firm side, Claire ensures things are done right while keeping customers happy. Claire loves Super Silver Haze for its nice body high, energy plus while also good for pain relief.


Alex recently joined our customer support team and we think it’s safe to say that he is the most passionate about growing cannabis out of all our customer support angels! He LOVES spending time with his 2 cats. Seriously, ask him about his cats if you're a cat lover too! He loves lighting up her own batch of California Dream.


Sarah is one of the later additions to the ILGM family, but we love her all the same! Whether she's participating in 4 different D&D campaigns or singing silly songs to her cat, Sarah can always be found with a bong in hand. Her favorite strain is Zkittlezbecause it matches her colorful personality and hair!


Customer support supervisor Stacy won't take a rest until our customers are happy! Stacy is famous for her kind heart, big smile, and overall loveliness. Her wonderfulness even extends beyond customers– she also makes sure there's plenty of interesting content shared on our social pages. Stacy was an actual Girl Scout. So guess what her favorite strain is...


Officially came in to help our customer support team but soon showed that he can do so much more! He’s a big help ‘behind the scenes’ of the website. Full of energy, sharing new ideas, and rapping along with music, our office grandma ‘Jane’ sometimes needs to hush him! In his spare time, he loves to lose himself in photography. . He loves hazes like Blue Haze. He's actually growing one on his balcony this year!


Jane is our badass grandma! When she’s not busy with numbers for ILGM she loves to clear her head by hitting the road on her motorcycle (strictly Harley!) and doing intense bootcamp sessions. Jane started smoking Purple Haze when she discovered Jimi Hendrix and never looked back.


Jenny is the team butterfly that keeps the online aspect of ILGM connected with the real world. While she tends to help herself to way too many snacks and randomly gets into dance-offs with Zoe, it wouldn’t be the same without her. Gelato is her favorite strain. Perhaps she just has a sweet tooth.


Latewood is a full-time grower that helps moderate our grow forum. He ensures growers have the information they need, based both on personal experience and what can be found in the ILGM grow guides. Latewood's favorite is the Strawberry Kush strain.


Peter won’t rest until he makes another great partnership or deal for ILGM! And when he does rest, he likes to do that by traveling the world and listening to 70s music. Peter is an all-round laid back guy but don’t piss him off because he’s a great boxer! His top pick is Gold Leaf.


Jeremy is our graphic designer but next to that he also manages our affiliates and does outreach! He absolutely loves being in the mountains! So when he’s not being creative creating art for ILGM, you can find him skiing, hiking, or floating down the rivers in his boat. Jeremy likes to make sure he always has some Durban Poison lying around.


A true OG, Jacques was the first to help make ILGM a reality. Although he still cherishes those days when he and Robert shared an office, he enjoys his current view much more. So chill that the staff calls him Ocean, Jacques is usually in the background making sure things go as planned. His go-to strain to grow and light up is OG Kush.


You could call Dale a webmaster, but he’s way too cool for that. Instead, he’s more like a spider; devouring bugs, creating huge webs and scaring the heck out of some people. He’s harmless though, (when left alone). This season he will be growing some Blueberry Autoflowers!

Hans and the Lemmings

Hans makes sure our customer’s shipments arrive exactly as ordered. The Lemmings make sure Hans keeps working. At the moment his favorite strain is Gorilla Glue. Easy to grow and a great smoke!

Sean Webber

Sometimes the website gets broken. If that happens, there’s Webber. Most of the time no one has any idea what he is talking about, but he always fixes it, so it works. He hadn't grown before he started with ILGM but he just finished his first round of Skywalker OG. Why this strain? Who else finished the Death Star!

Doris / Dory

Doris is the highly unmotivated office pet. For a long time, he was mistaken for a girl, so he’s also called Dory, although he rarely responds to either name. He enjoys snuggling with Stacy and taking long daytime naps.

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