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I’m Robert Bergman, the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana. In the 90s and early 2000s, I grew marijuana in and around Amsterdam. At first, it was just small home grows where I produced a few plants at a time. After a while, I got really good at it and moved on to mega grows with industrial sized grow rooms and lab breeding.  

Although I loved every bit of professional growing, those days are now behind me.  I figured, with over 20 years of experience at it, why not share what I’ve learned? I wanted to create a blog where I could write about everything related to growing marijuana, from caring for your plants and maintaining security, to accessing the highest quality seeds. I’d also discuss harvesting and selling so that my readers would understand the entire process.

In 2012 some friends and I decided to make this dream a reality.  We launched I Love Growing Marijuana as a way to share my knowledge and reach those looking to learn worldwide. The blog was a hit, so we partnered with top breeders to connect our readers with the best seeds on the market. From the beginning, we wanted to focus on helping others grow. So, in addition to providing the best information, we’re also keen on customer service and support after you receive your seeds. We want to make it easy for anyone to become an expert grower.

Why did we do this? It’s simple really; we love growing marijuana.

Happy growing!

Meet The Team


Lenny G.

A true OG, Lenny G was the first to help make ILGM a reality. Although he still cherishes those days when he and Robert shared an office, he enjoys his current view much more. So chill that the staff calls him Ocean, Lenny G is usually in the background making sure things go as planned. 

Claire DuPont

Customer support is a priority at ILGM, and Claire was the first to answer the call. A real angel with a firm side, Claire ensures things are done right while keeping customers happy.



Claire needed a sidekick, and the bubbly Stacy was just what the doctor ordered. Stacy is famous for her kind heart, big smile, and overall loveliness. Her wonderfulness even extends beyond customers– she also keeps the office tidy and makes Doris less grumpy.


Zoe is another member of our support team that brings a unique Jamaican flavor. Not only does she love the culture, she’s also a semi-professional dancehall dancer! We’re not sure how that relates to growing, be she sure is fun to have around.


Jane is the latest member of our support team that specializes in numbers. When she is not staring at a calculator, she’s hula hooping in the break room or planning her next picnic with a friend.  



Jenny is the team butterfly that keeps the online aspect of ILGM connected with the real world.  While she tends to help herself to way too many snacks and randomly gets into dance-offs with Zoe, it wouldn’t be the same without her.


Roy Kruger

You could call Roy a webmaster, but he’s way too cool for that. Instead, he’s more like a spider; devouring bugs, creating huge webs and scaring the heck out of some people. He’s harmless though, (when left alone).  


Partners need support, and our resident gamer, Nicole, is all over it. She helps our partners with everything they need to grow and sometimes pitches in with the support teams as well.



It’s still a mystery to most of the team how Thom is able to do as much as he does. However, no one questions it. He’s probably superhuman – or just really dedicated.

Sean Webber

Sometimes the website gets broken. If that happens, there’s Webber. Most of the time no one has any idea what he is talking about, but he always fixes it, so it works.

Hans and the Lemmings

Hans makes sure our customer’s shipments arrive exactly as ordered.  The Lemmings makes sure Hans keeps working.


Eagle J.

Eagle is an expert on many things, but he often forgets what they are before he can share it.  When timed perfectly, he helps create amazing content, other times he’s just entertaining.

Doris / Dory

Doris is the highly unmotivated office pet. For a long time, he was mistaken for a girl, so he’s also called Dory, although he rarely responds to either name. He enjoys snuggling with Stacy and taking long daytime naps.


Latewood is a full-time grower that helps moderate our grow forum.  He ensures growers have the information they need, based both on personal experience and what can be found in the ILGM grow guides.  


MacGyver is our Science Officer that’s quite handy with many things, making him useful in a variety of situations. Right now, you’ll find him moderating Bergman’s Lab support forum.

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