Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table 4’ x 8’

January 17, 2019

A major benefit of the flood and drain system is the ability to grow cannabis using any growing medium, may it be clay, soil, coco or mapito. Growing in and moving pots around the table if needed or filling a tray with clay pebbles and allowing the roots of the plants to spread across the entire table. These are only some of the methods to get the fastest growing and maximum yielding crops.

Flood tables are ideal for intensive, high-yield cultivation of short crops, normally plants up to one meter tall. In this case, the flood and drain system work by temporarily flooding the tray with nutrient solution, and then draining the solution back into the reservoir. There are many different flood tables that can be used to build the right garden kit for the plants using this style. It is quite versatile with different kinds of growing media.

Active Aqua’s new premium white trays offer unparalleled performance and strength. These heavy-duty full ID flood trays have strong corners and thick, durable construction.
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Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table

Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table 4’ x 8’The Active Aqua line of flood tables reservoirs and covers offer great features that challenges the competition at value prices. These Active Aqua high-quality industry standard flood trays are available in many sizes to suit most applications.

The White Flood Table, in particular, features a square grid drainage pattern. Its smooth multi-level drainage channels positions for versatility in set-ups. Also, it promotes fast and thorough drainage and to simplify cleaning.

These trays are available at Growers House for $205.29.

The trays are reinforced with a thicker and deep, seven-inch sidewall and are ideal for use with Rockwool, grow rock or pots filled with a soilless grow substrate. It’s made from thick U.V. resistant virgin ABS plastic cap with over a 100 % recycled ABS plastic core.

The high-impact ABS prevent the trays from bowing or sagging under the weight of full capacity water or large plants for years of continuous use. The use of this material also makes these trays recyclable.

True, full-size volume and dimensions to provide maximum growing area. Its gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level.


  • True internal dimensions
  • Water level fill height indicators
  • Recessed drain position
  • Smooth, rounded corners
  • Made in North America


  • Inside Dimensions: 48 x 96 x 7 inches
  • Outside Dimensions: 52.5 x 100.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Volume: 120 gallons
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Transferring Plants to a Flood and Drain System

Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table 4’ x 8’With the table system, veg and flowering can be done in the same system. If the plants started in Rockwool cubes or small pots of soil or coco, ensure it is root-bound before transferring it in the system. There should be a lot of white roots on the outside of the starter medium protruding.

The plants should be spaced depending on how many the intended plants to grow are. For sea-of-green grows, the table-style systems are great. Its where plants are spaced closely together and vegged until it forms a low canopy. Then, its switched to flowering for a ‘sea’ of buds.

Moreover, the crops need not be supported, unlike pure hydroponic techniques such as aeroponics or NFT. In this setup, there will be a growing medium surrounding the roots, helping the plant to support itself. However, as with all types of indoor grows, if the plants are putting out some big buds some support must be in place and stop it from falling over.
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Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table 4’ x 8’Once set up, a flood and drain setup makes things easier for the grower and offers a high level of flexibility at the same time. That makes these system suitable for pretty much any type of grower, from the novice with no or little experience to the seasoned cannabis growing enthusiast.

Novice growers won’t have to worry about feeding schedules and watering since all of these are taken care of automatically. Only having to maintain a single nutrient reservoir. It frees up more time for maintaining a healthy growing environment.

Using the right flood table, like the Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table helps fine-tune everything to its growing environment and the strains it’s growing. This, of course, allows for a maximum yield. Buy Active Aqua Premium White Flood Table 4’ x 8’ Click Here!

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