January 17, 2019

Novice and experienced cannabis horticulturists are in a never-ending quest to improve the crops. May it be searching for the best nutrient programs or quality enhancements; it just keeps on. Although utilizing it correctly is vital, using the right type of nutrients actually play the lead role in the plant’s future.

One of the primary factors in any cannabis crop is undeniably the its diet. Making sure it gets all the required nutrients assures a better immunity against diseases and a high reap during harvest. These are true, provided it is given at the right time and in the right dosage.

And although nutrients are not the only variable in a plant’s growth, it is without question, indispensable. It is one of the most important purchases a grower will make for a cannabis grow operation. Factors such as proper nutrient contents and right proportions can make or break a crop’s growth. Equally important, it will greatly impact the quantity and quality of the buds.

Securing the precise balance of the nutrients during each and all stages of the growth cycle are vital to producing the absolute best yields in each harvest and, not to mention, top-quality buds.
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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Hobbyist BundleAdvance Nutrients is renowned for products specifically designed for cannabis growing. Most growers agree that these products are easy to work with. There is no need to adjust the pH or the PPM as often as most other brands in the market today. As such, it requires less maintenance.

Science and research are the main reasons why the company is ahead of the competition. And, instead of focusing on plants in general, the products were developed specifically, and proven to be effective, for cannabis cultivation.

Having grown cannabis for more than a decade, the company has discovered and fulfilled numerous marijuana-specific nutrient requirements. Not only that, but its cutting-edge team is also always on the lookout for the technological breakthrough.

Advanced Nutrients is recommended for cultivators who want to cut down serious maintenance time. Growers can be assured that only the best products get absorbed by the crops as its backed by the company’s 100% performance guarantee.

Cannabis-specific testing shows beyond doubt substantially increase in maturation speed, vigor, potency, and yield by using Advanced Nutrients products. With its rigorous testing, designing, and manufacturing, the company is confident with their line of specific hydroponic gardening products. No other brand can offer the same guarantee.

The wide range of products is manufactured with strict quality control, automated safeguards and of course, using only top-notch ingredients.
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Bigger Yields Hobbyist Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Hobbyist BundleAdvance Nutrient’s Bigger Yields Flowering System terminates the hassle of buying and replacing expensive PPM and pH adjusters and monitors. It also frees up the time used to accurately mix in nutrients with its value-added 2-in-1 and even 5-in-1 product formulations.

By simply following the easy mixing chart included in all growing levels bundles, a maximum supply of nutrition and crop vitality is guaranteed. It is recommended for novice or experienced growers used to basic fertilizer programs and yield boosters use.

Crops are confirmed to always have access to the highest level of nutrition and vitality boosters possible with the combination of the pH Perfect Technology, simplified mixing rates and level of chelation in the balanced nutrient ratios.

All grower level bundles used with the latest yield enhancing nutrient technologies are proven to give amazing value to growers.

Cultivators can make cropping experience easier and bigger, using the Bigger Yields Flowering System, guaranteed by Advanced Nutrients.

This Hobbyist bundle pack includes one liter each of Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B-52 & Overdrive. This starter kit costs $269.67 at Growers House.

Voodoo Juice

Voodoo Juice is not considered as a fertilizer. It is a quality blend of super bacteria bred in laboratories. By multiplying and colonizing, it aids in improving the health of the crops. Additionally, to support the high producing crop demands, a bigger root system is promoted. This also assists in enhanced nutrient uptake, fewer crop issues, and healthier plants.


B-52 is a complete and balanced full spectrum of vitamins and other growth cofactors gets released into the plant’s system. Several forms of B vitamins and other bio-available elements gets readily available to better process water and nutrients for growth without exhausting the plant. The ingredients in B-52 stimulates superior branches, colossal root systems. It also supports the nourishment of beneficial microorganisms and prevents the effects of environmental stresses causing reduced crop gains.

Big Bud

Racing the plants to early harvest time has a consequence. And, that is it may result in less-than-ideal quality with regards to its size and density. That is where Big Bud comes in. It provides the right phosphorus to potassium ratio as well as a full spectrum L-amino complex. Apart from helping the crop achieve its full potential, other benefits include better fragrance and flavor profile.


Overdrive equips ripening crops with the perfect nutritional balance of complexors, potassium, phosphates, vitamins and other crucial cofactors. This is to reach the maximum bud swelling during the late flowering stage.

Before the maturity of the crops, the biggest weight gain takes place during the final weeks. Overdrive steps up to amplify and extend the natural process for massive yields. Moreover, its precise blend is purposely mixed to boost color, flavors, fragrances, and essential oil contents in flowers.
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Base Nutrients Compatible with the Bigger Yields Hobbyist Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Hobbyist BundleThe Bigger Yields Hobbyist Bundle is recommended for use with pH Perfect Sensi A and B 2-Part nutrients, or with the 3-Part pH Perfect Grow, pH Perfect Micro, and pH Perfect Bloom nutrients. These add-on Advance Nutrients products retail for a total of only $155.31 at Growers House.

The nutrient ratio of Sensi A and Sensi B base nutrients is a result of research and thousands of test garden results. Since there are only two components, these nutrients are easy to measure.

On the other hand, Advanced Nutrients has developed and refined the fullest spectrum 3-Part base nutrient package of pH Perfect Grow, pH Perfect Micro, and pH Perfect Bloom. These three-part base nutrients are convenient for growers accustomed to using three-part nutrients.

Both base nutrients kits contain value-added components that can enhance the performance of any type of garden. The pH Perfect Sensi A and B kit and pH Perfect Grow, pH Perfect Micro, pH Perfect Bloom bundle base nutrients also include:

  • F-1 (Fulvic Acid)
  • H-2 (humates)
  • An amino acid complex
  • Wet Betty (non-ionic surfactant)

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