January 17, 2019

Growing marijuana often starts as a hobby. Over time, some may find it lucrative as a business. When that happens, commercial growers may find themselves trying to keep track of multiple growing spaces all at once. And, that can be quite chaotic.

As a business, it is in the best interest of owners to keep track of what is happening in the growing area at all times. Also, it is important to ensure consistent environment and maintenance to have a consistent grow across different batches. Otherwise, uneven quality could sour what could have been an excellent reputation.

AgrowTek Grow Control GC-Pro helps businessmen manage plants better. It can control up to three climate zones and two nutrient reservoirs. Not only it is perfect for soil but also for hydroponics growing systems.

Using this hydro and climate controller, commercial growers do not even have to be within the vicinity to know what is happening. It is technology at its best with regards to marijuana cultivation as alerts, emails and even controls are now accessible via the internet.
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Easy Growing with AgrowTek Grow Control GC- Pro

AgrowTek Grow Control GC-ProGrowing using Grow Control GC- Pro takes strenuous manual labor from the cultivators’ hands. Aside from aiding in controlling different climate zones, it also helps regulate temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2, timers, irrigation and dosing.

This unit has unique features that help growers achieve healthy and uniformed grow.

  • Wireless Notifications
  • Free Computer Software
  • Flexnology™
  • Fully Automated Hydroponics Dosing
  • Multi-Zone Control
  • AgrowTouch™ Screen

Wireless Notification

With its built-in grade micro-processor, it logs in user’s data based on the settings and sensors attached. It can even set timers for the equipment connected. Periodically, it sends updates to their e-mails and smartphones.

Free Software

Remotely accessing the growing space situations is now possible with the free software from AgrowTek. As long as users have internet accessible devices such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets, it is possible to monitor what is happening in the growing area. Additionally, there are these benefits to take advantage of with the Grow Control GC- Pro through this software:

  • Sensor readings shows all the environment factors in the growing tent such as temperature, humidity, light and CO2. It’s also a treat for hydro growers as it also reads the pH level, ppm and water temperature.
  • Inputs and outputs (IO) controls are devices connected to the unit. Users may turn these connected devices on and off manually through the software.
  • Data logging provides all the details gathered by the unit. It logs all data according to the interval set by the user. The increments start from as low as 5 seconds to as high as 120 seconds intermissions.
  • Controls tab allows the management of all controllers such as for the lights, thermostats, timers, etc.
  • Alarms send distress signals to the owners. It can also set alarms for specific needs of the plants.
  • Permits the connection of up to eight cameras. Users may set how much pictures would be taken depending on the timer set by them.


A trademark of AgrowTek Grow, this allows total control of Control GC-Pro. With its wide array of control, they may select and assign functions to the outputs as required by the equipment.

Security features hail from Flexnology as well. It has lamp hot-fire prevention, output delay sequencing that prevent load spikes among others.

Fully Automated Hydroponics Dosing

Reservoir changes, nutrient dosing and even pH control can also be scheduled. Growers only need to set the timer through AgrowTek’s software and they are good to go.

Multi-Zone Control

AgrowTek Grow Control GC- Pro can manage up to three different grow zones and two reservoirs at once.

AgrowTouch™ Touch Screen

Although not included in the package, when used with Grow Control GC-Pro, it allows fast and easy access to all the settings. Users may view quick tips and see the definition of the functions of all things in the controller.
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Investing on Consistent Quality Buds

AgrowTek Grow Control GC-ProThanks to the technology of today, everything is now accessible via the internet and through mobile devices. Even growing marijuana can happen remotely with AgrowTek Grow Control GC-Pro.

For commercial growers, investing in this controller allows controlling of growing spaces remotely. Then, as all data are gathered, it gives a plethora of information that aids not only during the current grow, but also in future ones.

Ultimately, apart from ensuring that the plants are safe and equipment are functioning well, it is to help in the process of consistently producing flowers at its optimal quality.

AgrowTek Grow Control GC-Pro itself costs $1,622.40 at Growers House. For an additional $639.20, one could also add the Color Touch Screen.

Technical Features:

  • Low-voltage 24VDC operation
  • (12) 24VDC Programmable Outputs (expandable up to 20)
  • (4) 24VDC Programmable Switch/Digital Sensor Inputs
  • (8) Programmable Analog Sensor Channels (expandable up to 16)
  • Dual/Triple Zone Control
  • Powder-coated sheet metal enclosure (Wisconsin)
  • Industrial components for long life/reliability (USA)
  • Designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.

Control Functions:

  • Lighting Timers (each with secondary delay timer)
  • Light-Flip Control for Flip Box Operation
  • Day/Night Zones/Outputs
  • Cooling/Heating/Limit Thermostats
  • Humdify/Dehumidify Humdistats
  • 24-Hour Timers
  • Standard Cycle-Timers
  • 24-Hour Scheduled Cycle Timers
  • Off-Delay Timers
  • Re-start Delay Timers
  • 24-Hour Cancel Timers
  • Hour Meters
  • CO2 Injection & Ventilation Controls w/Boost Timer

Product Inclusions:

  • Aspirated Precision Electronic Climate Sensor for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Irradiance
  • GrowControlTM Software and User Manuals on CD
  • 60W 24VDC UL Class II Power Supply 110-240VAC
  • Communication Port – Serial (RS-232)

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