January 17, 2019

Information about Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter:

So far, you have everything figured out. After taking the time to ponder, the time finally came for you to set up your own indoor garden. So, what better way than to pick a great indoor growing tent. For most people living in cities, it is impossible to grow plants due to the absence of an outdoor area. Naturally, you could literally feel the excitement grow as you take the plunge.

As you might know by now, there are many components to even a basic indoor garden. Because it appears more complicated that it actually is, there are people who decide that growing indoor is not for them. But we all understand that the unfamiliar could be scary, and until one puts in the time to learn, then it is not happening.

Now, one of the often-overlooked item on the list of things you need to build an indoor garden that works is something used to eliminate the odor from whatever plant you wish to grow.

Here is something you want to think about. While some plants do not smell bad outdoor, in a confined space, that may no longer be the case. Imagine now how much worse it is if the plant you are growing has a pungent and unpleasant odor?

As for those who are growing marijuana strains, there is a need to be discreet and the last you want is for neighbors to find out what you are up to. And this is where the use of an activated carbon charcoal filter such as the one sold by Amagabeli comes in. Set it up properly together with your inline fan and the air vented out through the duct should have no odor at all.

Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter

Amagabeli Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter

To avoid any mistakes in ordering the wrong size, it is important to know that this carbon charcoal odor control filter measures 7” x 11.8” with a 4” flange on both ends. Is this the right size for you? Amagabeli recommends using a 190-cfm fan, but there are others who have been using 100-cfm.

Another thing to consider is the weight. Since you are probably going to hang it inside the grow tent, be sure that it could support the weight of everything else you attached such as the grow light system and inline fan. This carbon filter from Amagabeli weighs 8 pounds.

The idea of using an activated carbon filter is simple. Depending on the type of reflector you are using, it could either be located near the top of the tent or inserted into the air-cooled tube of a reflector. The inline fan sucks out the air and vents it out of your house. But because the air passes through the odor control filter, the excreted air should be odorless.

One thing you want to be aware of when you install the filter is not to attach it directly to the inline fan as this might create more noise. A better way is to use a short duct to connect the two.

So far, as we scanned the verified customer reviews, there are no indications of products sent out that has a manufacturing defect.

Accidents may happen and there were some reports of customers receiving their products with damage. A solution to this would be to ensure that the packaging used is sturdy. Because it is a cylindrical object, the edges of the carton might get damaged during transit and multiple handlings.

With regards to product defects or incurring damage during transit, you should be aware that if the product was purchased from Amazon, you would have only 30 days to return the products. Considering that it is sold at a very affordable cost, it is not reasonable to expect service to be any better.

Another possible concern would be the size of the flange. Although advertised as 4”, the actual product might be smaller.

Quality of Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter

Quality of Amagabeli Carbon Charcoal Odor Control_Filter

This is a pretty much basic carbon filter whose sole purpose is to eliminate odors. According to Amagabeli, it is also possible to use this filter for intake. In fact, switching its function later should prolong its service life.

The housing is made of galvanized steel, which we think is more than adequate for its intended purpose. But what is important is the inner components. Amagabeli’s filter uses a machine packed Australian charcoal for better quality and performance. By their account, this filter is capable of removing around 99.8% of odors and other particles.

Worried about your neighbors getting upset because of the unpleasant odor of the plants you are growing?

Concerned that some nosy neighbors would find out you are growing cannabis inside your home?

Amagabeli’s carbon charcoal filter solves that problem for you.

Pass or Buy Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter?

Buy Amagabeli Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter

When we compile products that have a proven track record, we always default to the feedbacks of customers themselves. On one hand, all we have seen are mostly positive feedbacks. However, this seems to be relatively new to the market, hence the number of feedbacks so far is very low.

Regardless, this is not an expensive product at all, and one that you do need. From all indications, it should perform as expected. We are not aware if the vendor is offering any warranty at all, except for the standard 30-days return allowed by Amazon. Even if it is treated as a consumable item with no further warranty, the attractive pricing and positive feedbacks from other customers suggest that it is worth trying.

If you are growing cannabis, one thing you could do after checking out the products is to consider having a redundant system, is privacy and security is an issue. Simply, you cannot afford for a component to break down. The inline fan, in this case, not only keeps the temperature of your grow light within limits, and coupled with an odor filter, hides your cannabis plant from neighbors. Buy Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter Here!


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  1. By Bert

    ,14 Aug 2017
    Is it possible to buy the cloth pre-filter that goes around this filter separately? I own 5 filters, and really would like to acquire some.
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    1. By latewood_ILGM

      ,18 Aug 2017
      Bert, You should be able to nuy some from the manufacturer. Otherwise; I recommend going to home improvement stores and look for a compatible fabric and make your own.
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