January 14, 2019

October 25, 2018, Wyoming

Wyoming is one of those states where the recent surge of cannabis reforms hasn’t succeeded in making any inroads. According to the survey of Pew Research Center, the support for cannabis legalization from Wyoming lags way behind the national average. A new survey also suggests that the majority of Wyoming adults still oppose the legalization of the strain.

There is a silver lining

Even though Wyoming still stands at less-than-majority support for the legalization, but that doesn’t mean things are that bad there. A recent survey conducted by the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center reveals that 49 percent of adult Wyomingites supports legal cannabis. In other words, the supporters of legalization turn into a minority by just one percent. The center has been doing similar surveys since 2014 and indicates that the support for legalization has increased by 12 percent in these four years. This is another and rather an optimistic way to look at the support for legal cannabis in the state.

Political affiliation and age: The two determinants for setting the views on cannabis

Political affiliation and age
Political affiliation and age – Image powered by Kgwn.tv

It is a general observation that people’s political views play an integral role in shaping their stance on cannabis. Various polls, surveys, and studies have established this time and again that conservative voters are more inclined to have an anti-cannabis stance. The Pew’s latest survey indicates that the majority of Republican voters across the country (51 percent) oppose cannabis legalization. This opposition among Democratic voters cut down to only 28 percent.

If we look at the anti-cannabis sentiments of Wyomingites in the context of political affiliation, then it all makes sense. Wyoming is primarily a Republican state. In the last presidential election, more than 85 percent of the casted vote was for the Republican candidate. Moreover, all major counties of the state went to Republicans.

Apart from political affiliation, age is also dictating the views on the legalization of the strain. According to the survey breakdown on the lines of age groups, support among young Wyomingites of age 18-24 is nearly equal to the national average. But interestingly, as per the state law enforcement record, Wyoming has the lowest rate of marijuana consumption among young people in the entire country.

The support dips to somewhere around 50 percent in the age group 25-44. Then the majority of people in the age bracket of 45-54 also support the prohibition rules. Interestingly, 61 percent from 55-64 age group support legal cannabis. The opposition again goes strong among adults 65 and above.

A healthy support for medical marijuana and drug reforms

A healthy support for medical marijuana and drug reforms
A healthy support for medical marijuana and drug reforms – Image powered by Sweetwaternow.com

Regardless of their views on adult-use legalization, the majority of Wyoming adults support the use of medical marijuana and drug reforms. Nearly 70 percent of participants among all age groups support the legalization of medical marijuana. Similarly, 69 percent of participants also believe that minor cannabis misdemeanors should not be dealt with hard hands.

When neighboring states Utah and North Dakota are preparing to have a vote on medical cannabis and adult-use legalization respectively, the lawmakers in Wyoming are pushing further with the criminalization of marijuana consumption and possession.

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