January 16, 2019

Amnesia Haze and White Queen Autoflower with LST

When it comes to sativa-dominant strains, few can beat ILGM’s Amnesia Haze. A plant for moderately experienced growers, the Amnesia Haze requires plenty of sunlight and warmth to flourish. If grown outdoors, the Amnesia Haze will need plenty of sun. However, because of its sensitivity to pests, people are advised to grow this strain indoors with consistent temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees.

ILGM’s Amnesia Haze grow horizontally more than vertically. This growth pattern allows the plant to attain a bushy physique despite never growing taller than 3 to 4 feet. This plant also requires plenty of light and air reaching the nodes on the lower branches so it’s important to constantly performing defoliation.

Going the extra mile is worth it for this plant because it can yield 21 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter. It also produces earthy flavors with hints of lemons and citrus. This exceptional taste is a great prelude to putting a smile on your face. This powerful plant will elevate your mood.

Amnesia Haze plants also make the ideal mother plants for clones.

The White Queen is the more accomplished relative of the popular White Widow strain. The White Queen is extremely potent with highly psychoactive and euphoric effects. When you smoke the White Queen, don’t expect to get anything done. The hybrid grows well both indoors and outdoors which flowers in 8 to 9 weeks.

If grown indoors, LED lamps are the best bet to negate worries about burning the dense and heavy crystallized White Queen buds.

Grower: Masshole
Location: USA
Yield: 187 grams (dried)
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and White Queen
Nutrients: cannabis nutrients

December 16th

This grow journal is the grower’s first semi-serious effort at growing the following strains:

  • 2 x Amnesia Haze (feminized, autoflower)
  • 1 x White Queen (feminized)
  • 1 x Unknown (feminized, autoflower)

The other set up details are:

  • Grow tent: 5.5’ x 5.5’ x 7.5’
  • Ventilation: 90 CFM intake and exhaust with 4-inch duct
  • Lights: 300W Galaxy Hydro LED lights and 2 x Sunblaster T5 lights on a 20/4 light cycle
  • Grow medium: Soil with 30% perlite in 3 gallon fabric pots
  • Room temperature and humidity: 66 to 77 degrees F, 40%
  • Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow, and Bloom

The 4 seeds started in Jiffy peat pots after being soaked in water for 24 hours. All 4 of them broke the surface after two days and were transplanted into 3-gallon pots on Day 5.

Here’s a photo of the babies at 2 days old.

They’ve been receiving nutes since Day 7 at the recommended feed mix ratio. Each plant also received 32 ounces of either water or tea every other day.

And they have been growing lovely ever since.

And here are the ladies at 30 days old! LST is used to keep them low and wide. Each plant has ten on more colas at this point.

December 17th

The Amnesia Haze’s growth as she enters flowering is amazing. At Day 32, all Amnesia Haze colas are producing great signs of progress. In the meantime, the unknown strain doesn’t have any hairs. The White queen will remain in veg a little longer too to produce some clones along the way.

Here’s ILGM’s Amnesia Haze feminized autoflower at Day 32.

December 19th

They are doing fantastic. They had a small but helpful upgrade. Each plant now has her own saucer. The saucers are slightly tilted and have drip hoses to capture the runoff.

December 26th

A day after Christmas and the ladies started showing beautiful baby flowers.

December 30th

On the 44th day of growth, a DIY gravity-fed drip irrigation was added so the room can be on autopilot when needed. Because of the nice, even distribution, all that’s needed is a garden hose timer.

December 31st

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. It appears the feminized Amnesia Haze are showing signs of being males or hermies. No bananas yet but these seem to be male flowers.

Luckily, a quick search online could prove the plants are females. Those pistils are orange which means they’re girls.

January 2nd

Added another 300W LED and built a bracket out of spare/leftover drop ceiling grid parts to simplify hanging and adjusting the lights.

January 7th

You can see the buds bulking up nicely. With every passing day, they put on more weight.

January 8th

The two Amnesia Haze plants look like they’re on steroids! Each plant has 12 large colas, most of which are supporting ten inches of dense bud. These plants are 52 days old. This strain has an average flowering time of 58 days and harvest time should be around 10-12 weeks. This means the girls have another 30 days to bulk up.

The girls are exhibitionists! They want to be seen!

January 10th

Upgraded the DIY gravity-fed irrigation today. This version is now capable of supporting 12 plants and provides even distribution.

January 12th

Going through the morning rituals and not a hint of amber anywhere!

Added an IP camera to the grow room a few minutes ago. It’s a cheapo but it’s 1080 with full tilt, swivel, zoom, a mic and speakers. With this addition, it’s so easy to peak I on the babies from anywhere, anytime.

January 14th

The girls were served their last round of tea and nutrients. The Amnesia Haze plants are in the home stretch and the anticipation is nerve-wracking. The trichomes are all cloudy but still no signs of amber. It will be another 2 to 3 weeks of waiting and flushing.

Today marks the 60th day for these plants.

January 16th

Split the stems of the Amnesia Haze ladies today. This trick will encourage the plants to produce higher THC amounts. The right moment is when the flower heads are well-developed. Execution could have been better and the wood wedge broke off in both plants.

Showing no signs of trauma but still on the hunt for some amber.

January 17th

They haven’t produced any new white pistils in 4 to 5 days. 2/3 of them have already turned and whatever was remaining was well on their way.

January 21st

One head down!

January 29th

Ended up with about 3.5 ounces of dried bud from the first Amnesia Haze plant.

February 13th

The three other buds were finally harvested and dried too at a total of 89 grams. This is the small stockpile so far. This should last about 13 weeks.

Grower: Masshole
Location: USA
Yield: 187 grams (dried)
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and White Queen
Nutrients: cannabis nutrients

There are different strains of cannabis with different difficulty levels. ILGM has different types of marijuana to suit your skill level. As you can see on this grow journal, even difficult cannabis can be grown successfully with the right preparation.

Which strain of cannabis matches your skill level?

Happy growing!


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