April 1, 2019

October 26, 2018, Michigan

Michiganders are going to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana next month. And as the date for the voting on Proposition 1 is getting closer, both advocates and opponents have paced up their canvassing activity. In their recent anti-pot and legalization drive, the group Healthy and Productive Michigan are calling voters and telling them that today’s cannabis is way potent than what it was used to be during the 80s and 90s. They are also warning the voters that the level of THC in the strain is not regulated and that can lead to several detrimental side effects.

The recent anti-pot canvassing is a part of a comprehensive campaign of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) to persuade voters to vote against the legalization. Luke Niforatos, the chief of Staff of the SAM, says that there is not enough data on the effects of THC-rich cannabis. He suggests that the legalization measure must be held until there is enough research on bodily effects of highly potent THC products. Recreational use of marijuana is actually centered on THC present in the strain. For that matter, the group has also devised their anti-legalization canvassing around the perils of rich THC administration.

Michiganders are going to vote
Michiganders are going to vote – Image powered by Thedailybeast.com

In spite of what is being asserted by SAM regarding the unrestrained levels of THC, the medical marijuana regulations in the state limit the presence of THC in the MMJ products to 50 mg. And it is obvious that the similar limitation will also be put on recreational products once Proposal 1 gets the approval.

Kevin Sabet, the CEO of SAM, visited the state last week and requested Michiganders to vote against the measure. He further blamed the pot industry for portraying the current products safe and harmless amid selling genetically-bred strain with high levels of THC.

High level of THC is not all-harmful

High level of THC is not all-harmful
High level of THC is not all-harmful – Image powered by Royalqueenseeds.com

Dr. Sue Sisley is working with a research institute in Phoenix to study the effects of marijuana on the symptoms of PTSD. He acknowledges that the levels of THC in cannabis plant in last few decades have been increased because of selective breeding techniques. Sisley thinks that geneticists are working on the strain to make it more viable for both medicinal and recreational uses.

It is important to note that the demand for high THC formulations is not just limited to the recreational marketplace. High levels of THC are also proved to be beneficial for certain medical conditions. Sisley also thinks that high-level THC products can do exceptionally well to treat chronic pains if administered with caution and care.

Angie Rouiller, a team leader at a Medical dispensary GreenHouse, thinks that some patients need potent MMJ products to treat their medical conditions and to replace more harmful methods of treatment. For instance, a person trying to quite morphine administration can’t get any successful results with the use of MMJ containing low levels of THC. For that matter, there must also be a place for highly-potent THC products in the MMJ program.

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