January 17, 2019

Is it possible to create something without compromising on the quality of components?

Even better, is it possible to make a great product that comes with an affordable cost?

In the case of Apollo Horticulture, a brand that has gained a good reputation in the indoor gardening industry, they have proven that it is possible. They have one HPS + MH grow light system that is cheaper than the other models they made, but that is not because they chose inferior components or materials.

Rather, it is much better to think of the grow light system with gull wing reflector set as costing less because the wing reflector is cheaper to make than the other types of reflectors.

As for the other parts of the system, the high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb, the metal hydride (MH) bulb, and the dimmable electronic ballast are all the same as with the other models.

How does the Apollo Horticulture HPS + MH grow light system stack up against the others?

One thing we noticed is that among the different brands, Apollo Horticulture consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction. After taking steps to ensure that the reviews are not solicited or paid ones, we believe this brand has a lot to offer. As to whether or not they are more expensive or cheaper, that is subjective.

Apollo Horticulture HPS + MH Grow Light System with Gull Wing Reflector Set

Apollo_Horticulture HPS + MH Grow Light System

This is a basic set up that includes 1 HPS bulb (2,100K), 1 MH bulb (6,400K), 1 dimmable electronic ballast (with 50%, 75%, and 100% adjustable power settings, 110-240V), 1 timer, 1 German made 19-inch gull wing reflector, and 1 pair of rope hanger (150 pounds capacity). There are three wattages to choose from, 400 watts (GLK400GW19), 600 watts (GLK600GW19), and 1,000 watts (GLK1000GW19).

Besides this model or set up, there are other models to choose from, which comes with different kinds of reflectors and pricing.

This particular model of HPS + MH grow light system comes with a gull wing reflector. Compared to the others, gull wing reflectors offer a better coverage area. However, controlling the temperature is a little more troublesome.

Apollo Horticulture is an American company. They are known to for their great products in hydroponics and indoor gardening. Among their popular products, besides HPS, MH, and LED grow lights are indoor growing tents and accessories.

One of the best things that makes it a great choice to patronize their products is that the company offers a great support. For instance, contacting and communicating with Chinese vendors takes more time. Not only is there a difference in time zones, the English language comprehension of the Chinese support team might require more email exchanges.

On the other hand, the support team of Apollo Horticulture takes care of most things in the shortest time possible.

Quality is a premium when it comes to this company. Even at affordable costs, take the dimmable electronic ballast for instance. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Even for a company as good as Apollo Horticulture, there were instance when products were shipped that had factory defects. Having the defective product is easy, but it would take a little time still. Even if it is only a few days, it could be troublesome for some people. For example, those who bought this unit in order to replace an old grow light system that no longer works. With plants growing and needed a light source, the time it takes to replace may cause plants to wither.

The same can be said of damages incurred during transit. As is the case with defective products, getting a replacement is easy.

But one thing that the company could do is to offer free shipping. Rather than having customer shoulder the expenses of shipping back products, it is better if shipping is charged to Apollo Horticulture.

The usual concern besides busted bulbs upon receiving, are still the bulbs. If there is a complaint, then it is most likely because of busted bulbs.

Our position on the bulbs is simple. Companies usually give one year warranty. So regardless of the expected lifespan, its warranty coverage is the lifespan.

Quality of Apollo Horticulture HPS + MH Grow Light System with Gull Wing Reflector Set

Apollo_Horticulture HPS + MH

Compared to the cheaper alternatives, and especially to the Chinese brands, the dimmable electronic ballast of Apollo Horticulture appears to work better in terms of not producing excessive heat. Some people complain about the higher costs of electricity bills, but that is what these HPS grow light systems do, the come with large wattage, so you could also expect electricity bill to increase noticeably.

There have been complaints of the ballast not working after a few weeks. Here, we have to appreciate the company for offering a 3-year warranty on the ballast as opposed to 1-year by most other companies.

Not much has been said on the RF interference, so a complaint we saw might be an isolated case of the ballast not manufactured to high quality standards.

As for the rest of the components, the gull wing reflector is better than the typical ones supplied with cheap Chinese grow light systems. But it remains fragile and should be handled with care.

Pass or Buy Apollo Horticulture HPS + MH Grow Light System with Gull Wing Reflector Set?

Using the gull wing reflector comes with an advantage as it does provide more coverage area. You would have to determine one or two hot spots, though. Having said that, because the wing reflector itself is cheaper than the other types of reflectors, the whole grow light system is sold at a lower cost.

When you compare the cost of this unit to other cheaper alternatives, there is one thing that stood out. The difference in cost is not a lot. Although it a little more expensive, the ballast comes with 3 years of warranty.

Because of that, whatever you want to grow, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cannabis, this HPS + MH grow light system from Apollo Horticulture is a great starter set that you could use for your indoor gardening. Buy your Apollo Horticulture here!


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  1. By jeremy

    ,08 Aug 2017
    can you ship to mauritius?
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    1. By Roy ILGM

      ,09 Aug 2017
      Hi Jeremy, unfortunately we don’t ship to Mauritius.
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