January 14, 2019

October 23, 2018, Arizona

Arizona legalized medicinal uses of marijuana nearly eight years ago. In that long span of the medical legalization of cannabis, patients and dispensary owners haven’t faced any noteworthy confusions and impediments regarding the provisions of the program. However, the recent court petition filed from Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of the State, demands that only dried cannabis flower should be legally available for medical use.

In other words, the petition suggests that the use and possession of hashish for medical reasons must be declared illegal. If the petition gets the approval, it can bring calamitous consequences for MMJ patients who use extracts and oils or any edible made from the strain.

The argument of Brnovich revolves around the assertion that the voters in the state only approved usable cannabis for therapeutic reasons. According to the definition provided by Brnovich, the usable marijuana is the dried flower of the strain and any mixture and product directly prepared from it. He argues that extending the definition of usable marijuana to extracts is an unfair interpretation of the legalization law.

Arizona Medical Marijuana
Arizona Medical Marijuana – Image powered by Sonorannews.com

As expected, not everyone is agreeing with the Brnovich’s interpretation of an eight-year-old law. For instance, the former health director of the state, Will Humble, has categorically stated that he doesn’t have the same opinion as the attorney general’s to ban any cannabis product for medical uses.

Humble has also revealed that Arizona’s state department has been regulating MMJ edibles for quite some time. According to the affidavit submitted in the court, Humble truly believes that it’s irrational to assume that the state’s medical marijuana act doesn’t have the room for therapeutic consumption of resins, edibles and other products made from the extract.

It is important to note that hashish was also a part of a controversial case of 2013 when a citizen was given a prison time for possessing just 0.05 ounces of hashish. One judge Kenton Jones wrote a dissenting opinion and asserted that hashish was also part of cannabis plants just as sap was part of trees.

Medical uses of cannabis and hashish

Medical uses of cannabis and hashish
Medical uses of cannabis and hashish – Image powered by Greencrosscenter.com

There are many in the state who shares their opinion with Judge Jones. Even from an objective point of view, limiting the therapeutic use of cannabis just to its raw plant actually reduces its efficacy as a viable treatment option for many. For instance, there are many patients who can’t administer cannabis in its raw plant form. In addition, some people get better results with the use of alternative forms of cannabis (resins, oils etc). Hashish, a cannabis concentrate, is rich in constituents and that increases its effectiveness as a therapeutic drug item.

Arizona Supreme Court has yet to start hearing on the case. Arizona’s department of health has already stated that it will comply with the ruling given by the state’s apex court. Arizona has an expansive MMJ program serving more than 150,000 patients and all of them are eagerly waiting for the Arizona Supreme Court to decide the fate of the cannabis extracts particularly hashish.

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