What is the Entourage Effect?

The Science Behind High-Quality CBD Hemp Oil: Cannabis Gets More Mainstream Scientific Studies Highlight the Endocannabinoid System The Entourage Effect At Work What Functional Remedies Does Differently Anyone who’s smoked marijuana or eaten a THC-rich edible – or knows someone […]

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Harvesting and Curing Marijuana Properly

Harvesting and Curing Marijuana Properly: Finding the Right Time to Harvest How to Harvest Marijuana Curing Marijuana Buds the Right Way You finally made it through all different grow cycles and now you can admire your plants in all their […]

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Helpful tips to get the most out of your Mighty vaporizer

Helpful tips to get the most out of your Mighty vaporizer: All about it Top of the line Clean the Cooling Unit Use the Autofill Use Dosing Caps Use the Liquid Pad If you’re in the market for a portable […]

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Legal Marijuana States – A 2017 Overview

For many marijuana enthusiasts, the past decade has brought about a lot of big changes. We’ve seen a large flux of public support for legalization, including several completely legal marijuana states (although within certain quantities). Why are states just now […]

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7 Little-Known Health Benefits of Smoking Pot

By John Levy  People opposed to cannabis legalization seem to think that puffing on a joint turns people into red-eyed, unemployable psychopaths hell-bent on destroying their lives with weed. Is it true? Is cannabis bad for you? Now that the […]

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The Best Companion Plants for Cannabis

Companion planting is a relatively new way of growing cannabis. It is 100% natural and packed with a ton of benefits that any pot grower will surely enjoy. What exactly is companion planting, and what makes it such a popular […]

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What to look for in an online smoke shop

Here is a step by step guide on what to look for in an Online smoke shop. Site Credibility: With tons and tons of shops popping up it’s hard to weed out the crappy ones and find a solid smoke shop. […]

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Why Marijuana is a Political Hot Potato

Why Marijuana is a Political Hot Potato: The American  It’s All About Money Above the Law? The Rest of America Jeff Sessions Sessions and Tobacco Sessions Other Conflicts Until 10,000 years ago, inequality was controlled by the social structure. Pre-agrarian […]

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Pot Culture: Tools, Tips & Tricks From Today’s Weed Scene

Let’s pause a sec to appreciate just how far pot culture has come… It got rocky for a minute–or half-century–there, when competing interests started seeing dollar signs. But a person has to stretch the truth pretty far these days to […]

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