Moonwalker Kush

Moonwalker Kush is a rather intense strain. It boasts THC levels that constantly go beyond the 20% range, averaging between 25% and 28%. Thus, a little also goes a long way. Se[...]

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Huckleberry Hound

Many may remember Huckleberry Hound from a popular TV series portraying the life of a well-intentioned blue coonhound. The show has inspired many generations up until its end in 2[...]

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Fruit Loops

The beloved cereal Froot Loops has been around for many years. Introduced to the market in 1963, different generations enjoyed its tropical flavors. It should come as no surprise [...]

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Easy Bud

Easy Bud is a good way to introduce interested friends to the joys of cannabis. This is because, in all aspects, it is a beginner’s strain. It has the right amount of THC to ind[...]

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Dawgfather OG

Chemdawg meets Sin City Kush to create the godfather of many ‘dawg hybrids to come – Dawgfather OG. This Sativa-leaning strain is potent, boasting THC levels beyond the 20% le[...]

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Bloo’s Kloos

Bloo’s Kloos is quite a mellow strain. Its THC levels of 12% to 15% induce a clearheaded high that does not overwhelm the mind at the first toke. The same holds true for its bod[...]

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Bloodhound may be one of the most powerful strains to hit the cannabis market. It has a THC floor of 24% and could sometimes test beyond this average. As such, one could say that [...]

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How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Want to know the best way to grow the best marijuana? Start with great seeds. But once you find the perfect strain, how do you save those seeds so that you can use them for future[...]

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Apple Kush

Apple Kush is a strain that enthusiasts can enjoy any time of the day. In low dosages, it could be a wake-and-bake companion that could hasten the completion of one’s To Do List[...]

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