Cannabis Planet TV Shows Has Become Very Popular

Cannabis planet is a television program that promotes the use of marijuana. It got started in July of 2009. The people of the show is basically letting other people who watch the p[...]

  • Lifestyle
Marijuana Edibles: Medicate Yourself without Smoki...

Marijuana edibles are the new commodity in the medical marijuana world.  Marijuana is being added to more and more food for medicinal purposes.  Those that do not want to smoke i[...]

  • Edibles & Extracts
The Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canad...

Marijuana has been licensed for medical use in Canada.  It is legal to use the substance when it has been issued as a medical alternative.  The type of weed that is given[...]

  • Canada
  • Medical
Marijuana vs Alcohol: Which Is Worse Or Better?

It is an age old question.  Which is better for you alcohol or marijuana?  Marijuana vs. alcohol is an argument that seems never-ending.  Both can get you in trouble[...]

  • Medical
How to Grow Hydroponic Weed

Hydroponic weed is known to grow faster than marijuana grown in soil.  It sprouts faster and can be controlled fairly easily when it comes to adding extra nutrients.  The nutrien[...]

  • Growing
The Many Great Advantages of Growing Marijuana

Although growing marijuana is still illegal in most states without a license, there is a move to make it legal and expose the many great advantages that marijuana actually possesse[...]

  • Growing
Silicon Deficiency In Marijuana Plants

A silicon deficiency is extremely rare, but it can prohibit the plants from producing sturdy leaves, roots, or stems. Fungal and bacterial diseases along with insect infestations a[...]

  • Growing
  • Guides
Pests And Bugs Control For Outdoor Marijuana Plant...

Pests can do incredible damage to your outdoor weed plants when left unattended. The amount of different insects that could infest your planting area is as diverse as the ways for[...]

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  • Guides
Marijuana Pictures – Dry Buds Gallery

Beautiful picture gallery of dry marijuana buds. All buds were harvested at the right time, when 2/3 of the pistils were red. Enlarge the close-ups to see the resin and the red pis[...]

  • Growing

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