Growing Marijuana Indoors From Seeds Or Clones

In this article we will discuss: Growing from clones Clones pros and cons Growing from seeds Seeds pros and cons Pure sativa Finding healthy marijuana seeds Single or[...]

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Cannabis plant’s life cycle

` Cannabis plant’s life cycle Germination During germination, cannabis seeds start to sprout and leaves push upwards in search of light. Cannabis seeds should be undamaged to[...]

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Short marijuana history

China/India Marijuana plant prints have been found in Chinese pots dating back 4000 years B.C. The Chinese used hemp specially for textile, but also as a medicine. In 2737 B.C. it [...]

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Best Grow Lights For Indoor Marijuana Growing

If you are planning on growing your Cannabis indoors, you most likely have already taken a look at the different lighting options available. Every grower has his or her personal p[...]

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A List of a Few Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

People have been doing all sorts of studies on marijuana for years now. They are intrigued by the effects it has on each individual and one of those is the withdrawal. A recent stu[...]

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Getting to know the Northern Lights Weed Brand

Northern Lights weed or Cannabis Indica Dominant Hybrid is the most potent form of marijuana known to man. There are different places from which you can purchase its seeds if you a[...]

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