Blob OG

Blob OG is a potent, invigorating strain. It delivers a rush of energy that alerts the mind and awakens the body of its lethargy. Recreationally, it is best used with like-minded [...]

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Blueberry Jack

Jack Herer and DJ Short are two 1970s icons in the cannabis industry. The former is an activist that advocated to legalize the use of cannabis. He authored the The Emperor Wears N[...]

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Blueberry Cookies

Blueberry Cookies, or Blue Cookies, tastes as delicious as it sounds. Its smoke is dominated by a blend of blueberries and nuts with a minty end that, on the exhale, tingles the p[...]

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Blueberry Hashplant

Blue Dream is a delicious blueberry-flavored bud with potent medicinal effects. It wakes the mind with a gentle invigorating rush of happiness to the brain, while cradling the bod[...]

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TGA Subcool is among the most well-regarded artisan breeders in the cannabis industry. In collaboration with Heroes of the Farm, The Weed Nerd took the company’s best and rarest[...]

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LivWell is one of the most popular dispensaries and producers of marijuana. Among their most famous strains is Limon, which encapsulates the citric zest of lemons. Its Sativa-lean[...]

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Jacked-Up has the capacity to jack the mind and body up with its stimulating head-to-toe effects. It is the perfect pick-me-up for an otherwise boring day that has users dozing of[...]

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Grape Inferno

Hand in hand, TGA Genetics and Norstar Genetics developed Grape Inferno – one of the finest strains in the cannabis industry. As far as looks go, this strain is very attr[...]

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Good Medicine

Bodhi Seeds is a well-known breeder that’s got a few variants to their name. Even if they’re creations are for recreation, they’ve also got a medical lineup. One of their mo[...]

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