Onlythebest79’s Best White Widow Auto Grow Adventure

January 16, 2019

Onlythebest79’s Best White Widow Auto Grow Adventure:

They say the first time is always a learning opportunity to do better. First time growers, as ecstatic as they are, always arm themselves with tremendous amount of research. Most, if not all, always encounter a problem during their first grow.

Nonetheless, as they now have experience to bring to their second grow, that is still not enough. Lucky for Onlyhthebest79, he found comfort and guidance in the I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) community.

Onlythebest79’s White Widow Autos

Auto flowering seeds, no matter what kind, have reputation as low-yielders. On a brighter note, they are also known to be less laborious as photoperiod plants. First and foremost, light schedules do not dictate when they flower. They flower as soon as it completes its first node resulting in a short grow time.

Onlythebest79 made the perfect choice of growing auto flowering White Widow seeds for his second grow. White Widow is a strain circulating Dutch coffee shops since the early 90’s. It is considered a legend since winning the “High Times Cup” in 1995. Might as well be, considering that it produces legendary smokers who experience upbeat energy that slowly eases the mind into a relaxed yet alert state.

Grower’s Profile:
Name: Onlythebest79
Location: Oregon, USA
Seeds: White Widow Autos
Yield: 1,901 grams (wet weight)


  • 4′ x 2′ x 6′ Grow Tent
  • Meizhi LED light 600-watts
  • (2) Meizhi LED light 300-watts
  • Carbon filter
  • 4″ CFM fan
  • 6″ CFM fan
  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
  • Fox Farm Trio
  • Fox Farm Bembe
  • Fox Farm Beastie Bloom
  • Fox Farm Cha Ching
  • Fox Farm Open Sesame



Soaking marijuana seeds in water is a common germination method. Usually, growers do this until tap roots start appearing. Onlythebest79 did the same with three White Widow Auto seeds and those are soaking in pH’d water as of now.


Right after the 24-hour soak, the seedlings were then planted directly in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Late last night or early this morning, he’s not quite sure which, one of them popped up.


Onlythebest79 is fairly new to growing, especially with autos. The possible gender of these seedlings worries him. To which Peachfuzz replied, “All autos should be guaranteed females.” And it helped him relax about it.


The second White Widow popped up this morning:


It was about time that the third White Widow joined the party:


Apparently, the seeds not sprouting at the same time, concerned Onlythebest79. As back-up, he planted two more seeds when the first one popped. One of those did not sprout at all and the other one did, so he now has a total of four plants in his hands.


Fourth of July and all four sprouts are thriving well under one Meizhi 600-watts LED light. It is only a week since they all sprouted and so far, the only sustenance that they get is an ounce or two of pH’d water (6.4 or 6.5) twice a day. As per Onlythebest79’s preference, nutrients would not be coming in until their sixth week.


One White Widow Auto did not pop as soon as the others did, and by this picture it is easy to tell which:


In the 4’ x 2’ x 6’ tent, the girls are lit by one Meizhi 600-watt LED light. Deeming this as not enough, he ordered another one, a Meizhi 300-watt LED which has both bloom and vegetation switch. Onlythebest79 also ordered a carbon filter plus a 6” CFM fan that he intends to replace the 4” fan that is currently in the tent.


The White Widow Autos are still not on the same wavelength when it comes to growing. When three of them grew up to the fifth node, Onlythebest79 topped them. This is to produce more colas (at least two more) by cutting new growths by the nodes.


Smallest White Widow Auto is only working her way to the third node, so he left her alone for now.


Like a father, Onlythebest79 calls treats the plants as his own children. Some LST (low stress training) for now will get these ladies to open up more.

According to their sprout order, he calls this one his “first born”:


The second born:


Third born:


Of course, the fourth born. Obviously, this one is the runt but giving it a chance, he is betting this would give him the best smoke he can ever have.




Much to his surprise, second to fourth born started on their pistils earlier than the first born. The eldest one had zero pistils yet.


Aside from more LST, all White Widow Autos received their first dose of Fox Farm Nutrients. Initially, the plan was to start their feeding on the sixth week. However, Onlythebest79 did not expect them to flower as early as their third week and was left with no choice.


A lot of questions have arisen as to how the first feeding happened. Mixing Fox Farm nutrients in a gallon of water, he divided it into four and fed it to the ladies over the course of a day.


First born still has no pistils still but other growers guarantee that it is not something to be worried about.


Amidst the worry of the non-existent pistils on the first born, Onlythebest79 is still delighted since the run is catching up the height and width of the others. Nutrients would also be bumped up to the “seventh week” feeding schedule tomorrow.


All White Widows are growing at a rate that their grower never imagined. Buds have started developing on the plants and filling the tent with White Widow aroma.


If Onlythebest79’s calculation is accurate, these ladies still have a month to go.


Some burns are appearing on the plants. Still with an undefined cause, he is scratching out the possibility of nutrient burns since they are only on half dosage as of today. If lights are the problem, there is not much to be done since there is no space to lift them more.


Some growers are actually convinced that the burns are actually nutrient burns. Onlythebest79, a newbie in the field of growing, conceded and decided to lay low with the feedings until they get better. Nonetheless, he is still proud and happy of how things are turning out.


Only a week later, the colas have started lifting off and forming taller string of buds on them:


It is the 49th day since these White Widow Autos sprouted. Another Meizhi 300-watts was added into the tent and the ladies do not seem to mind. As a matter of fact, they are loving it.


Only 10 days ago, these are only strings of buds, but today they are really monstrous.


Fan leaves sometimes deter the light from penetrating the buds. Onlythebest79 has found them more of a hindrance for the glorious buds and decided to trim some, if not all of them to direct the light where they should be.


Funny how things have turned out. According to his own ranking, the runt is now in the second place when it comes to how wonderful their buds turned out.

  • 1st place: Third born
  • 2nd place: Fourth born
  • 3rd place: Second born
  • 4th place: First born

First born being in the last position is quite acceptable considering she was the last one to flower.


With the fan leaves gone, the buds look bigger and juicier. Even from afar, these girls look frosty and sticky.


Two of them are loaded with amber hairs and appear to be ready for the take down. However, there a still a couple of white hairs showing.


Ironically, the first born has not stepped anywhere near budding. On closer inspection, she is at the latter stage of flowering at most. “She’s still doing her thing,” Myfriendis410 said. “All you can do is stand back and watch.”


First weigh in 359 grams of wet weight of third born of the White Widow Autos, the others still need a few more days.


The biggest surprise of them all is now here, the fourth born who was considered as the runt of the pack has been harvested by Onlythebest79. She came up with a whopping wet weight of 437 grams.


Onlythebest79’s harvests keep on surprising everyone each time. Today is the first born’s turn. Along the grow journey, it kept on lagging behind. It was the last one to flower and to develop buds but it has the heaviest weight so far. It’s clocking in with 523 grams of wet weight.


Maybe the longer days gives the plants a chance to pack in more weight. The last and heaviest White Widow was chopped down with 582 grams worth of wet weight.


Only the Best for His White Widows

Second time may really be a charm for Onlythebest79. With the second grow overlapping the first, he really got a lot on his plate. Add the fact that growing marijuana can really be confusing especially for first timers. There are a lot of things to consider and try like nutrients, lights and others.

For this second grow, it was his first time trying auto flowering seeds. With that, a lot of questions were raised but he was able to find answers like the following:

  • Auto-flowering seeds pretty much do their own thing. They flower and develop buds on their own.
  • This type of seeds only needs water and nutrients to survive.
  • Not all are low yielders. Especially considering he had a whopping 1, 901 grams of wet weight to show it off.
  • Auto flowers do not depend on light schedules at all. These types of plants survive on 24/0, 18/6, 12/12 or whatever their growers prefer, no matter what stage of growth they are in.

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