April 1, 2019

Ever since hurricane Florence touched the East coast of the United States last week, giant packages of weed have been washing up on the beach along the Florida coast. Police speculate that the big bags of weed came from either a boat that was capsized because of Florence, or a botched drop from a plane.

Regardless where the big bags of weed came from, police would prefer if you would leave the beached weed alone and call them when you find it, rather than doing what pretty much anyone would do, which is grab that stash and run!

Cops are Attempting to Apprehend People

Police have already arrested a man in his 60s who grabbed an 11 pound brick and stupidly decided to hang out on the beach and chill for a while. He was charged with felony marijuana possession. Cops in Flagler county Florida are also looking for a woman who was photographed grabbing as many dank buds as she could carry.

Fortunately, they have not been able to identify her, and the citizenry has not been very helpful when it comes to helping the cops. So far people have been telling the cops to focus on real crimes and “not this bs” or my personal favorite “anyone that helps you find this woman had no friends in school because they ate boogers and actually told the substitute what chapter you left off on.”

Cops are continuing to tell people not to pick up any of the big bags of weed, and people are continuing to ignore them. If you’re in the Florida area and come across bricks of weed that have washed ashore, at least wait until no one is watching until you grab some weed. Maybe come back in the dead of night, or create some kind of elaborate diversion. Of course you could always just not pick up bricks of weed that washed ashore. Try to restrain yourself.

Source: Vice

Featured Image Source: Washington Post

Got anything you’d like to add? What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments!

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