January 17, 2019

Looking for something simple but functional? Or maybe something high quality but within budget? Well, look no further. Black Leaf does all these and more. With its compact design, smokers are bound to have no problems taking it to out to parties or a different part of the house.

Easy to store and, most importantly, easy to use, this small water bong was engineered by Black Leaf. Makers of some of the most affordable glass in the UK, their bongs, water pipes, and accessories are famous for their exquisite workmanship. Aside from the fine craftsmanship, the company also uses premium quality materials to build bongs that last a lifetime.

With their names becoming synonymous with exquisite water pipes, Black Leaf’s aim to improve the overall customer experience has surely been met. They have not only come up with beautiful, functional designs but have done so without breaking their clients’ banks.

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What Makes the Black Leaf Glass Bong Stand Out?

Black Leaf Glass Bong with Reinforced Slot DiffuserIt is true when they say simplicity is beauty especially since Black Leaf has certainly gotten itself noticed by users all over the world. With its straightforward looks, it has stood out among many outlandish designs and has become a hit among many users. Moreover, its detachable pieces make cleaning and increasing performance a lot easier.

The Black Leaf Glass Bong is built with 4mm borosilicate glass, which makes it extremely durable. Built to last, it is able to withstand a variety of heat and temperature changes. Moreover, the round base provides stability and support for the premium water pipes.

Among its key features are the following:

  • 18.8mm funnel bowl with roll stopper
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Stable round base
  • Reinforced slot diffuser
  • Clear glass funnel bowl with Black Leaf logo

Besides the prominent Black Leaf logo proudly displayed on the side, the slot diffuser bong has two other traits that make it distinguishable from the rest. First is a roll stopper attached to its glass funnel bowl which prevents it from ever accidentally rolling down the table.

Second is its 29.2mm downstem. Being twice the size of regular downstems, it ensures sufficient airflow for any user looking to get high. Because of this, the draw is smooth even for the roughest of smokes. Not only that, the bubbles it creates cool and enhances the flavor of a single toke.

One thing to remember when using this bong, however, is that a screen is likely needed. This is to stop any of bud and ashes from falling into the water.

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Shopping for Black Leaf Glass Bong with Reinforced Slot Diffuser

Black Leaf Glass Bong with Reinforced Slot DiffuserThanks to recent advancements in technology, everything consumers need and want is available in an instant. It makes getting the Black Leaf Glass Bong easier than ever. All one needs to do is sit back, relax, and scroll through www.grasscity.com – the premier online retailer of glass smoking accessories in their phone or laptop browser.

At $71.20, the Black Leaf Glass Bong is a bargain especially as prices can reach up to $300 in the United States alone. But, with the Black Leaf, not only does a user get a bong, but a reinforced slot diffuser as well. Perhaps the one hindrance users face is finding and acquiring it from a physical store.

But, that is not a problem for Grasscity. The online store, smashing borders, can ship this water pipe anywhere in the world. And, at no additional shipping cost, this package guarantees the best value for its price. With their online price match stamps, consumers are sure their offer is the best there is.

Moreover, should a customer find themselves unhappy with the product, the item can be shipped back and refunded.

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A Universal Bong That’s Great for Novices and Veterans Alike

Black Leaf Glass Bong with Reinforced Slot DiffuserHave a grand time with the Black Leaf Glass Bong that comes with reinforced slot diffuser. Ready for use straight out of the box, it is made for beginners, experienced, and occasional users alike. At just a few inches shy from a foot, the bong can be quite small. However, it packs quite a punch.

The slot diffuser creates a lot of bubbles. In the process, it enhances the effects, and the high users experience when smoking weed. It has a flared mouthpiece that makes drawing the smoke comfortable. Moreover, a truly functional bong, smokers can even take it out anytime and anywhere with ease. After using, it is easy to dismantle and clean before storing.

Overall, this water pipe and its reinforced slot diffuser is an excellent glass paraphernalia made with love by Black Leaf. Besides marrying functionality with elegant design, it is also very affordable. Buy Black Leaf Glass Bong with Reinforced Slot Diffuser Here!


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