September 13, 2019

First Grow in MA, Blue Dream

As of last year, it’s legal to grow up to 6 marijuana plants inside your home in Massachusetts! With this exciting legal development, a lot of newbie growers have started cultivating different species of marijuana right in the comfort of their own houses.

This grow journal is all about growing Blue Dream in Massachusetts for the first time!


Grower: fromanoc
Location: Massachusetts, United States

December 5th

Germinating all 5 seeds in Espoma Seed Starter Soil was a success! For now, they’re all under one of the LED lights but each of them will find their final home in a 5-gallon fabric pots. A wet paper towel lies beside the plants to help boost the humidity in the tent.

Temperature and humidity are in the 72-78°F and 30-50% range respectively. Here’s a photo of the thriving babies!

Espoma Plant

December 13th

The plants had an emergency a few days ago. They stopped growing for a couple of days and the leaves were drooping. They were transferred out of the Espoma soil and into larger pots with Fox Farm Ocean Fresh (FFOF). Humidity was bumped up to 50-55% by hanging a wet towel inside the tent. They received water at pH 6.3.

They seem to have responded and recovered well. The Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK) ratio may not be optimal at 7-9-5 so the Dyna-Gro Grow formula was switched to the Dyna-Gro Foliage which is at 9-3-6. Some nitrogen was supplemented to the nuts by boiling potato skins and adding some of that water into the nuts solution.

Plant Emergency

December 16th

Still sticking with FFOF without adding anything. So far so good.

So far so god

December 20th

It’s been 18 days after they’ve sprouted. Most people it’s best to top the plants before the 5th node appears. It seems like it’s almost the right time! As you can see, these babies already have two nodes with a third one growing.

December 21st

They were all transferred into 5-gallon pots this morning. They all showed healthy roots during the transfer. The tent is getting more crowded because of so many plants now. Maybe it’s a good idea to just top them once because of the limited space.

December 30th

The plants are doing great! There seems to be two different phenotypes of the plant. The 2 on the right have darker leaves with some blue color in the stems. They’re also bushier with leaves pointing slightly downwards.

The two on the left have a lighter color with leaves looking slightly different and pointing up. They also seem to grow a bit faster without any hints of blue in the stems.

They were topped a few days ago after. Some were topped after the 3rd node appeared and some after the 4th.

January 28th

Here are the girls today!

They seem to be moving away from the fan so it looks like they prefer the slightly warmer temperature around 80°F. They’re now on a 12/12 light cycle. The plant in the rear center is definitely a different phenotype with lighter green tops.

marijuana plants

February 1st

Some minor adjustments were made today.

The kitchen faucet was installed with a filter similar to Brita. This will be used to filter the plant’s water supply. After adding nuts to the water, the pH was too high so it was neutralized with some lemon juice.

Using tap water for the cool mist humidifier was also leaving white caps over the plants and the lights. It stopped when the switch was made to filtered water.


February 2nd

Some of the colas started showing shades of blue/purple. They look so good. See for yourself!

The system is now being ventilated by an additional 4” booster fan blowing in at the bottom to help keep the temperature lower. The humidifier was also adjusted and kept under 50% room humidity. One 450w LED is at the left side and another one is maintained at the right of the tent.

These are the colas next to the blowing fan so maybe the lower temperature is responsible for this color.

February 7th

One of the plants seems to have developed a deficiency. A yellow discoloration started to appear in the middle but it’s still flowering just as well as the others.

It’s receiving filtered water with pH 6.3 mixed with Dyna-gro “foliage” and a 50/50 mix of “foliage” and “bloom.” The nuts were always sprinkled with potassium silicate at the top. The yellow discoloration may come from deficiencies of different kinds (Iron, Zinc, and Manganese) or potassium excess.

Hopefully this will be fixed after more water so there’s -20% runoff. May also have to dial back on the potassium and increase everything else. Let’s see what happens.

February 24th

The girls seem to be almost done with their growing cycle. At the 33rd day of flowering, the buds on top seem to be ripening faster with 70-80% orange pistils while some buds down below are only 20-30% orange. They might receive a flush soon and start receiving only RO (reverse osmosis) water.

March 16th

Already harvested 4 of the plants! The last one seems to be a different phenotype. It had the most massive buds. Check out the photo below with the Sprite can for reference.

March 17th

Here are a couple more photos of the remaining plant before it’s harvested! It’s like a beautiful blue dream.

April 7th

Finally bottled the last plant in the tent. It had the most massive flowers among the bunch.

Grower: fromanoc
Location: Massachusetts, United States

By sticking to tested and proven methods, growing marijuana inside the home is an easy task even for newbies! A grow tent can be a good alternative especially if you have limited space inside the house. You also have to be proactive in identifying signs of deficiency and addressing them before they spread.

Have you ever identified problems in growing marijuana? What steps did you take? Let’s keep sharing our experiences for our thriving community!

Happy growing!


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  1. By Roger ,01 Jun 2017
    Very nice demo taken thru out the entire grow. I am 60 been at it 45 years. I learn new things all the time. Never grown indoors. Its on my bucket list. Good job.
  2. By Brian Herron ,01 Jun 2017
    Thank you for the info but I have 3 plants and they went through there bud station and I noticed new growth will it go a nother year and be bigger
    1. By Scott Linnell ,01 Jun 2017
      If you go to a veg schedule say 18-6 it will regenerate, have done to save special plants that I forgot to clone .
  3. By Ken Mcguire ,01 Jun 2017
    Trying find a safe sd bnk lost prdt do u have any good one need help.
  4. By James Osborne ,04 Jun 2017
    AWESOME!!! I'm in MA too, and took advantage of the "new" laws. Grew my first batch starting Christmas Day 2016. Five Pineapple Haze & three Big Bud. Harvested all after flowering for a month in April. They were a tad […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,08 Jun 2017
      James, It is always hard for me to say what is better. I like all the genetics in the seed bank. I like Skunks, Kush, and Robert's Gold Leaf. I am going to have some Pineapple Haze myself, soon. :) […]Read More
        1. By latewood_ILGM ,07 Sep 2017
          Alan, If you mean; "Can I grow Blue Dream in hydropnics",? Yes
  5. By lennie ,07 Jun 2017
    Try Neptune's Harvest fish fertilizer great stuff use Tomato and Veg formula for vegetative state and Rose and flower formula for flowering stage and strongly recommend mixing some crab and lobster shell into the great soil you are using. i […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,08 Jun 2017
      lennie, We so much appreciate the sharing of your home spun fertilizer method. I have to tell you though; Flower Power is as affordable and will produce a slightly higher quality crop. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention :D Flower Power […]Read More
    2. By Kevin Boudreau ,14 Aug 2017
      Never heard about crab in soil what nutes does that provide?
      1. By latewood_ILGM ,18 Aug 2017
        Kevin, Where did you see crab mentioned in this article? I do not know fo what method or parts of crab were used in whatever situation you are referring to. So, I cannot give you an informed answer. Join us […]Read More

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