Robert Bergman

September 13, 2019

Blue Moonshine is a spicy and fruity bud that will play to all your senses, even before you feel its high. This variant call my yet a little goes a long way – its effects are uber-enjoyable and pure, and will make any indica-lover ooh and aah in total and absolute delight.

Blue Moonshine is a super-indica that was created by the breeder DJ Short. This strain it’s aroma closely resembling that of moonshine, which is where it got its name from. Its high will hit you slowly and make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, much like the drink it was named after.

This bud grows into a short to medium-sized plant, and is instantly recognizable by its fermented aroma. Blue Moonshine is said to have been created out of Thai Sativa and a strong Afghani indica, and originated in the 80’s and 90’s before it was refined and solidified by its breeder.

Information about Blue Moonshine:

ORIGIN Thai Sativa mixed with Afghani Indica
EFFECTS happy – 10
relaxed – 9
euphoric – 6
sleepy – 5
focused – 5
dry eyes – 7
paranoid – 3
dizzy – 1
headache – 1
FRAGRANCE blueberry, earthy, floral, sweet
FLAVORS earthy, berry, woody, blueberry, citrus, pine, sweet
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 5
insomnia – 4
nausea – 4
pain – 4
CBD % 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 60% / 40%
OUTDOOR YIELD 15oz/ plant
CLIMATE hot and sunny and dry climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Blue Moonshine is all about bringing in the feelings of happiness. One puff from this amazing Indica plan is enough to make you want to lean back into your chair in order to truly enjoy the body stone it provides. You will find yourself feeling buzzed and floaty at the same time.

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This strain is preferred by those who are looking for a bud that will calm and relax them, slowly unwinding both their cerebral and physical state. Blue Moonshine is all about it’s heavy bodied sensation, and a steady influx of euphoric feelings, that will keep you in a bit of a daze.

Blue Moonshine Effects
Blue Moonshine Effects – Image powered by Howtogrowweed420.com

Blue Moonshine in high doses will make you sleepy, and is therefore best used as an evening strain, rather than a daytime smoke. At the beginning of the high you will feel more focused, allowing you to still be social and enter active while enjoying the de-stressing effect it will have on you.


Blue Moonshine has an aroma that is completely inviting, and rightaway you will be able to detect how sweet and spicy it is. This bud smells like florals and earthiness, and is going to make your mouth water, just from its aroma alone, as it will be hard to ignore its siren song.


Blue Moonshine tastes just as interesting as it sounds, and on the first inhale, your tongue will feel sticky with the notes of berry and sweetness. On the exhale you will notice its soft pine flavor, mixed with a taste of blueberries, leaving your lips to taste earthy and sweet, once you release its smoke.

Adverse Reaction

Blue Moonshine can be quite strong, however its side effects are quite minimal, all things considered. You will feel your mouth drying up in the process of smoking it, as well as your eyes feeling itchy and irritated, as you may end up feeling dehydrated.

Blue Moonshine Adverse Reaction
Blue Moonshine Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Cannasos.com

This planet can make some feel slightly paranoid, although it is not the usual occurrence. Blue Moonshine can also lead you to feel a little bit dizzy, and in some cases you may even end up with a mild headache, but one that won’t last you for its entire high.


Blue Moonshine is a great way to stay naturally medicated, especially if you struggle with conditions such as chronic stress. This strain has the ability to make you feel relaxed, without weighing you down immediately, and you will still be able to stay social and navigate, but with less nervousness.

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This Indica dominant plan is also perfect for those need a little help managing their depression, as it will inspire you to feel more optimistic about everyday things. Blue Moonshine can make everything feel a little lighter, and you often won’t even be able to remember what you were stressing over.

Blue Moonshine Medical
Blue Moonshine Medical – Image powered by Strainspot.com

Blue Moonshine is great for insomniacs, as it will make you feel sleepy over time, and is perfect as way of wrapping up a busy and hectic day. This strain is also great for patients who struggle with chronic pain that isn’t too severe, such as muscle aches, cramps and joint flare-ups.


Blue Moonshine is a good choice for both the novice growers as well as veterans, as it is easy to maintain and does not require excessive nutrients. This bud grows well indoors as well as outdoors, where it prefers a hot and sunny climate.

Flowering Time

Blue Moonshine grown indoors can yield an estimated 11 ounces per square meter planted. This strain takes an estimated 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering before it is ready for harvest.

Blue Moonshine growing outdoors yields an estimated 15 ounces per plan, and should be ready for a harvest around the middle of October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Blue Moonshine? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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