January 17, 2019

Knowing the importance of pH, it is essential to know how to measure the soil’s acidity properly. All sorts of commercial testing kits, like tablets, treated paper strips and electronic sensors are now available in stores worldwide.

Each type comes with specific instructions. In terms of digital pen meters, the standard how-to starts by mixing a soil sample from the grow container with a sufficient amount of pH neutral (7) water or a dechlorinated water to make a wet mud. Afterward, insert the digital soil pH pen and get the result based on kit directions.

There are a few homemade methods that can be used for testing as well, but it may be less than accurate and is not recommended for cannabis growing.
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Bluelab Digital pH Pen

Bluelab Soil pH Pen MeterThe Bluelab Soil pH Pen Meter provides the temperature and pH reading of soils and other media to give growers the knowledge to feed crops the right nutrients it needs. Bluelab’s newest handheld meter empowers cultivators to manage the success of soil grown crops. It is available at Growers House for $185, with a one-year warranty.


  • Removable sturdy dibber to create holes in soils and other media
  • pH probe to measure temperature or pH of solutions, soils, and media
  • Uncomplicated buttons with selectable units for F and C
  • LCD display with backlit
  • pH calibration indicator
  • Auto-off and hold functions
  • Low battery indicator


    • Units: pH, C, F
    • Measurements Range: 0.0-14.0 pH 0-50 Celsius/32-122 Fahrenheit
    • Resolution: 0.1pH, 1Celsius,1 Fahrenheit
    • Accuracy: @25 C – +/- 0.1 pH
    • Automatic temperature compensation: Yes
    • Battery Type:1 AAA Alkaline battery

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Strips or Drops vs. Digital pH Pen

Bluelab Soil pH Pen MeterCannabis plants require slightly acidic soil in order to thrive and get the pH right is important to facilitate the adequate growth of the crops. pH in the 5.5 to 6.5 range on the scale is the kind that causes cannabis crops to thrive naturally in the wild.

Maintaining a slightly acidic pH allows the plants to take in nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These nutrients are critical elements in all of the cannabis’ life cycles.

The sweet spot of 5.5 to 6.5 assists in maximizing the effects of all the fertilization and soil maintenance of the crops. Improper soil acidity can create a domino effect that can lead to the entire grow to fail. For the optimum root zone pH in soil, let the pH cover a range instead of frequently adjusting to the exact number.

pH is not as important in soil environment that does not make use of any liquid nutrients. On the other hand, when utilizing liquid solutions, it is crucial to manage pH consistently to prevent any issues and produce the best possible harvest.

Testing methods has its own pros and cons, and it is vital to use the kit that works best for the grow situation.

Strips or Drops

One of the most typical ways to test pH is by using strips or drops. These work by dipping the tester in a sample then comparing the color produced to a chart provided and it can give a rough estimate of the pH.

The advantage of these methods is that it is cheaper. On the other hand, not getting an exact reading is a disadvantage. Some people also are not keen on using a color chart and it can be confusing based on the lighting. Furthermore, the color result may be harder to see if dark nutrients are present in the sample.

Digital PH Pen

On the contrary, the Bluelab digital pH pen for soil looks more like a thermometer. After sticking it in the soil, it gives digital readout.

The major advantage of using it is getting an exact reading right away. No need for a chart or any other guess works.

On the flipside, the pen can break easily if not properly cared for. It is a must to put the cap back on after every use. It also needs to be stored correctly. Getting a few drops of storage liquid on the cap is a must before putting it away to ensure it works properly each time.

Moreover, it needs calibration per grow operation to ensure accuracy. It is also pricier unlike strips and drops, and requires a separate purchase of three to four kinds of fluids for calibration and storage.

However, once calibrated, it can be used in multiple harvests, unlike the disposable strips or drops.

Correcting Soil pH

Now that the importance of soil acidity for cannabis has been established, as well as how to test pH of the soil properly, it makes sense to learn how to correct the pH the right way.

The correction can be made by simply adding more base or acid to the soil. However, growers must be cautious about where the compound came from since many are toxic to most animals, microorganisms and even the plants. Using a naturally sourced pH adjuster is the best bet for the managing pH.
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Bluelab Soil pH Pen Meter

Bluelab Soil pH Pen MeterpH strongly influences the presence of micro-organisms and the availability of nutrients and in soils or growing media. With the Bluelab Soil pH Pen Meter, growers can closely monitor and adjust pH levels for optimum plant health and performance. Additionally, this nifty device can also measure solutions.

Having the right pH value means that the plants could best absorb the needed minerals. As a result, it brings forth a rapid growth and later, an abundant harvest. Buy Bluelab Soil pH Pen Meter Click Here!

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