January 17, 2019

Oftentimes, growers take it to themselves to handle the project of reservoir fabrication. After all, it can cut down the costs by putting it out as the most creative solution for a unique setup. Typically, a large tote is chosen for a starter reservoir since it can accommodate enough water, is easy to source and inexpensive. Although it may be a worthwhile option, once it is filled, a few issues may arise.

What seems like a rigid and thick enough wall that retains shape under pressure, can distort by bowing outward. May it be at first or over time when exposed to the conditions under hot lights. This can result in leaks around fittings and make it difficult if not impossible to attach a lid.

Bearing this in mind, using a container specifically designed for hydroponic systems is the more sensible option. The Botanicare 20 Gallon Premium Reservoir is made from BPA-free materials. Virgin, U.V. light-resistant ABS wraps the 70 % recycled core. This ensures no chemicals are leached into the nutrient solution and no gas volatile organic compounds escape into the grow space.
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Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon Bottom

Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon BottomThe original Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon Bottom includes side and front bulkhead ports to accommodate an external pump. These also allow multiple reservoirs to be joined side by side or in-line.

Botanicare Reservoirs is designed for easy maintenance and quality performance. It is made with recyclable and recycled using renewable solar energy. Available at Growers House for $48.23.

Each reservoir fits a lid that features raised grip porthole cover and built-in access port to eliminate the need to remove the lid when adding nutrients.

* Porthole lids and covers are sold separately.


  • Made from durable white ABS BPA free plastic
  • Plastic core formed with 70% recycled materials
  • Virgin U.V. resistant cap wraps the core
  • bulkhead ports, built-in
  • Lids with covers and access ports
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


    • Gallons Capacity: 20
    • Dimensions: 33.5” x 25” x 10.5”

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Nutrient Reservoir Size

Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon BottomNovice hydroponic growers tend to underestimate the size of the reservoir. To raise seeds or clone to maturity, it needs an increasing amount of nutrients as it grows. Making an educated guess based on the anticipate consumed gallons per plant at maturity is a good practice to size the reservoir accordingly.

As the general rule of thumb, a small plant will need at least half a gallon of water volume. For medium sized, it will be one-and-a-half gallons and large crops will require about 3 gallons. To grow healthy specimens from seedlings into full maturity, be generous on the size as much as possible.

For example, if planning to maintain two each of the plant sizes, the reservoir should be able to hold at the very least 10 gallons to accommodate the crop’s needs. Doubling the capacity to 20 gallons should be done for cushion. In this instance, the bigger the reservoir, the better.
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Nutrient Reservoir Location

Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon BottomEven though it feels right to place the reservoir tank as close to the grow spot as possible, it may not always the best game plan. If the design of the system does not require any specific tank placement, survey the area to find the best place to keep the tank.

The location of the reservoir has a direct link on how maintenance intensive or trouble-free the operation will be. A little forethought is worth the effort since once setup, the reservoir, and accessories like its pipes and snaking hose will be difficult to dismantle and move.

For instance, temperature fluctuations and algae can become maintenance issues if the reservoir is placed to close to the hot lights. Controlling the temperature in this scenario may require adding an expensive chiller while the algae problems can cause blockages. Moreover, the hotter the water, the lesser the dissolved oxygen is.

Placing the reservoir too near to an uninsulated wall or concrete floor where temperatures plummet in winter, can cause nutrient solution to likely fall below the optimum range of temperature. It may require the addition of a dedicated aquarium-style or immersible heater to reach 68 and 72°F.

On the flip side, positioning the tank too far from the drain or water source can lead to an unenviable position of dragging hoses or carrying buckets around on a regular basis.

Now in terms of incorporating automation equipment, it is crucial to have easy access to an adequate amount of electric power. This is important since single circuits are often spread over a number of outlets. It can only take so much current before a fuse blows or a breaker flips.
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Room for More

Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon BottomMost experts recommend checking and testing the reservoir and the nutrient solutions daily as the minimum standard. However, doing it twice is encouraged, particularly if there are any changes made recently. May it be starting a new crop, using a new nutrient blend or shifting of grow cycles. Equipment changes or upgrades call for closer monitoring well.

Botanicare Reservoirs can adapt to changes easily and it has built-in growth potential for more plants. It can sometimes save on some of the chores in adding nutrient as often. Growers will more likely appreciate these features in the months and years to come. Buy Botanicare Reservoirs 20 Gallon Bottom Click Here!

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