Global Cannabis Industry to be Worth over 30 Billion by 2021

A new report from the cannabis market research firm the Brightfield Group, shows that the global cannabis industry will be worth over 30 billion dollars by 2021. That’s less than four years from now. The current estimate is sitting around […]

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This Michigan College is Offering a Degree in Growing Cannabis

Have you always wanted to take a college course on growing, but have never been able to? Of course you’ve never been able to because there’s never been such a course offered. That’s all about to change. Starting next year, […]

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How to Start a Marijuana Business in Canada

How to Start a Marijuana Business in Canada: Commercial Growing Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada Marijuana Compassion Clubs Canada’s Cannabis Act How to Get a License Growing and distributing marijuana in Canada is perfectly legal as long as you have a […]

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How To Buy GreenMed Coins

Buy GreenMed: How GreenMed works Investing in GreenMed Buying marijuana is about to get easier! GreenMed is a brand-new form of digital currency that will change the marijuana industry for the better. If you are interested in investing in this […]

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ILGM partners with GreenMED to bring Crypto Currency payments to the marijuana industry

ILGM partners with GreenMED: What is GreenMed? Why the industry needs this Helping the marijuana Economy Why I am excited I’ve been following the cryptocurrency market for a few years now – especially those related to marijuana. Over the years, […]

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The Basics of Cryptocurrency

The Basics of Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency History More on Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency Market How to buy crypto currency Don’t ignore this new trend Cryptocurrency was designed as a secure, anonymous method of paying for items digitally. It dates back to WWII […]

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Marijuana Cultivation Jobs: The New Frontier

In this article we will cover: Growing Jobs: An Overview Master Grower Assistant Grower Trimmer The Future of Cultivation Jobs 2016 has ushered in significant marijuana industry reform, with many states and municipalities across America experiencing newly legal, if strictly […]

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How To Write A Cannabusiness Plan

Have you been considering starting your own medical marijuana business? Considering how fast the industry is growing we can’t really blame you. In fact, over a quarter of U.S. medical marijuana dispensaries are currently reporting earnings of a million or more […]

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6 Reasons Why Cannabis and Bitcoins are Perfect for Each Other

As both the legitimate cannabis industry and Bitcoins come into their own, they appear to be a marriage made in heaven. Bitcoins could give the cannabis industry an easy-to-use alternative to cash, and cannabis could give Bitcoins mass appeal so […]

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