California Accepting Applications for Marijuana Growing Licenses

January 14, 2019

December 21, 2017 California

Marijuana regulators in California have started to accept applications for growing licenses. The legalized sales of cannabis are all set to begin in some cities and counties of the state from the New Year’s Day. Individuals and businesses interested in cultivation licenses can submit their applications on an online portal set up by the state’s Department of Food and Agriculture, the body tasked with licensing marijuana growers.   

Right now, the department is issuing provisional licenses that will initially be valid for four months, then a two to three-month extensions can be provided by the department if the grower has already applied for a yearly permit.  Annual licensing will require more information from the applicants. Guidelines to get provisional license are available online. 

The original policy of issuing cultivation licenses was intended to favor small and medium size cannabis farmers. The regulars were in legal binding of not issuing growing licenses to large-scale business interested in having hundreds of acres of cannabis farms. However, the removal of a cap on four acre limits at the eleventh hour will enable big players to cultivate large-sized farms by acquiring multiple growing licenses.   

Application for License
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This last minute developed is being criticized within California’s marijuana industry because many think it will curtail the opportunities for small-scale individual cannabis growers who have been waiting for a long time to get things legalized. On the other hand, business moguls are supporting and advocating this change.   

For example, Steve DeAngelo, CEO of Harborside, a chain of marijuana dispensaries in the state, is of the belief that growing marijuana on large scale will be beneficial for end consumers by keeping the cost of legalized products low. 

But detractors of this development think the measure has been imposed to cater large businesses instead of favoring consumers. Two legislators from the state have warned that it could push small farmers out of the legalized business. Few small farmers are also contemplating to challenge this amendment in the licensing criteria in the court.   

Marijuana Growing Licenses
Marijuana Growing Licenses – Image powered by

Licenses for retail businesses, distribution facilities and testing labs are already available on the portal since December 8. California’s Department of Public Health is overseeing the permits for manufacturing establishments whereas the State’s Bureau of Cannabis will issue licenses for other related ventures (distributors, labs, retailers, etc).  

California has already issued the first set of licenses on last Friday. The bureau has hinted the locations of some of the earliest legalized ventures. While they are also regularly updating the list of businesses issued the licenses.  

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