January 14, 2019

June 21, 2018, Canada

This week is really eventful for cannabis legalization in Canada. On Tuesday, the country’s Senate approved the infamous C-45 bill. On the following day, Prime Minister Trudeau announced the Proclamation date. It’s now official that the country will formally start its legalized cannabis dealings from October 17. Trudeau revealed the data while talking in Q/A session in the House of Common.   

It is important to note that initially July 1st was pr esented as the date of legalization. However, legislative lumps in the upper house have stretched the date few months further. In his announcement, Trudeau talked about another reason for the delay in commencing the retail operations of the strain. 

He said that they were setting a mid-October data to ensure that every province can complete its legal and regulatory homework regarding cannabis operations. Quebec, the largest province of the country, particularly asked to extend the date of legalization to ensure a smooth transition into the new environment. 

Cannabis Legalization: A Momentous Achievement of Liberal Party  

Cannabis Legalization
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All campaign promises are not meant to be fulfilled and voters are really aware of this political reality. In 2015’s election campaign, when Liberals pledged to legalize all forms of cannabis, many political experts were skeptical and for valid reasons.  

We don’t have many examples where an entire country has legalized any form of cannabis. Uruguay is only nation-state where medical cannabis is legalized on a national scale and that’s it. With no precedent set for the nationwide blanket legalization of cannabis, it was certainly considered a fancy thought by many.  

However, as soon as they got their hands on the reins of government, the Liberals seriously started to move forward in order to make cannabis legalization a reality. After several ups and downs, the party has finally fulfilled this campaign promise and way before the end of its term on treasury benches. 

With the materialization of Cannabis Act, the country has finally abolished a century-old prohibition of the strain and that is no mean feat. Moreover, the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada will also have a trickle-down effect on many countries. 

Some Questions are Still to be Answered  

Even though the legalization is well on its way, there are still some questions that needed to be answered. 

How Will Cannabis DUI Work? 

How Will Cannabis DUI Work
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The legalization hasn’t set any provisions to regulate cannabis on roads. This means it is still not clear how police will test levels of cannabis intoxication in drivers because like alcohol testing there is no uncomplicated, portable test kit available to examine the levels of THC in the blood.  

What About Past Cannabis Convictions? 

Some half-hearted attempts have been made to put forward a bill for expunging past cannabis convictions, but still, no one knows what would happen to past criminal record related to cannabis. Though, Trudeau has hinted that once the law is put into effect, cannabis past criminal record will be expunged. 

Aside from that, federation and provinces are still in the middle of negotiating the terms of cannabis home cultivation. 


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