January 14, 2019

Recent news revealed that Canada is on the same track as the US when it comes to medical marijuana. The US neighbors revealed that a proposition is in line for the month of April. This proposition by the liberal government of Canada will make cannabis a legal drug by the mid of next year. This means that adult use of marijuana will no longer be subject to punishment.

The report from CBC news said,

“CBC News has learned that the legislation will be announced during the week of April 10 and will broadly follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force that was chaired by former liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan,”

The plan of implementation is to take place by Canada Day 2018. It will make marijuana legal federally. All the users that are 18 and over will be allowed to use the drug. CBC further went on to state that the former Toronto police chief—Bill Blair—briefed Liberal caucus. During his brief, he talked about the legislation and the roll-out plan. Bill Blair has been a key leader in running Trudeau’s Government’s projects regarding the legalization of marijuana.

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The good part is that the municipal, provincial, and the federal government will receive a stake in the tax revenue that cannabis will generate. The ones briefed revealed that the matters related to licensing of those who grow cannabis will be controlled by the federal government. Current producers of MMJ operate under the license offered by Health Canada, who distributes the drug to users via mail.

Furthermore, provinces will also set up different distribution systems for the adult users of the drug. They are also likely to control the provincial cannabis tax. Although the federal authorities will deem the age of marijuana possession to be 18, but if a province wants, it can tamper with the age limit. The province will also have the right to change the minimum purchasing limit of marijuana which will be set by the federal authorities.

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As for the currently operating dispensaries that supply medical marijuana, it is quite hazy as to what will happen to them. They are not currently licensed. The country has different dispensaries operating at the moment, all of which are treated differently. While some are taken down by the Canadian police, others are issued a city license to operate with ease.

The report by CBC also told that a single household in Canada will only be able to grow a maximum of four plants. While some argued this is a very small amount allowed, it actually is gracious keeping in mind the fact that the law enforcements tried their best to cut down the amount of home cultivation allowed to zero. Law enforcers cited health, security and risks of potential fire as the reason for their strictness regarding home-grown cannabis.

On the other hand, those that advocated in favor of the home-grown marijuana stated that it is about their personal rights. Once the legislation comes to the front, it will have to run through a parliamentary process before it turns into a law—possibly in July 2018.


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