January 14, 2019

November 07, 2018, Canada

Implementing legislation on a nationwide scale is not a mean task. Many administrative and political tasks go into ironing out all the issues that crop up. And even after that, one can’t be so sure of its smooth sailing. Case in point: blanket legalization of marijuana in Canada. Way before the date of the legalization (October 17), Canadian authorities started preparing for the changing environment. Every province and its relevant authorities worked rigorously to come up with a functional set of rules and regulation.

Nevertheless, hiccups are bound to happen in such ambitious and wide-scale projects. Since the commencement of legalization of weed, the Canadian legal cannabis market has encountered a couple of setbacks. In the latest reported glitch, the Ontario Cannabis Store has put some mislabeled cannabis products on sale.

Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is a retail marijuana company that also runs online operations through its website. Some consumers found this discrepancy while ordering a strain called ‘Radiate’ on OCS’s website. According to the product description given on the website, Radiate contains 24 percent of THC, thus making it the most potent strain available on the OCS.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
Legalization of Marijuana in Canada – Image powered by Marijuanastocks.com

However, in reality, the strain has nearly 13 percent THC. This means Radiate is just like any regular strain available, and the people who bought it believing that the product would provide them with greater THC value were inadvertently ripped off. Some concerned customers reached out to the retailer to quickly look into the glitch, but eventually, it was discovered that OCS was not responsible for the error.

The mislabeling glitch was actually committed by the producer of the strain: TerrAscend Canada. The company has accepted the responsibility but has also assured its consumers and retailers that such slip-ups will be strictly avoided in future.

Consumers are frustrated

Apart from dealing with the mislabeling mishap, OCS is also facing a crisis with its shipment system. It has become pretty difficult for the company to dispatch shipments on time and for the obvious reasons. As a result, customers are facing unprecedented delays. For instance, some consumers who placed the order on the first day of legalization haven’t received their weed parcels yet.

Consumers are frustrated
Consumers are frustrated – Image powered by Ctvnews.ca

Adding insult to injury, some clients have received delayed shipments with mislabeled cannabis products. The issue of labeling holds great importance in the legal cannabis market. Federal and local laws prescribe a fixed percentage of THC for both medical and recreational use. Businesses and consumers have to act in compliance with the predetermined values. Moreover, the value of THC in the strain also characterizes its psychedelic effect.

Apart from the issues of labeling and shipment delays, some consumers have reported weighing inaccuracies as well. Lastly, the shortage of cannabis products is nearly the same in every part of the country.

Experts believe that such hiccups are expected in the infancy phase and the industry will naturally grow out of them in the due course of time. They believe that things will get settle down in the next 12 to 18 months in connection with sustained demand and supply. Errors such as mislabeling will also serve as a lesson for budding cannabis companies to avoid such avoidable mistakes in the future.

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