January 17, 2019

Coco coir is one of the popular growing mediums in the hydroponics world. It was used to grow roses and lilies in Holland during the 80s. Since it worked so well in promoting vigorous root growth, hydroponic cannabis growers started using it in place of peat moss.

Derived from coconut hull, coco coir is made out of the fibrous materials between the actual coconut and its outer husk.

Canna Coco is one of the premium kinds of coco coir. It is fine compressed into a block, not steamed. It is certified as free from chemicals, viruses, and diseases.
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CANNA Coco Brick

CANNA Coco BrickCANNA is known for its high-quality coco medium in 50-liter bags. The company has now produced a coco brick with the identical top notch quality. This compressed form is available at Growers House for $10.78. It includes two 20-liter bricks.

The canna coco brick features distinct holes to make water absorption easier which allows the brick to expand faster. One package makes a total of 40 liters of CANNA Coco medium.


CANNA COCO quality. Made from the highest quality ingredients, it has the same exact high quality as loose fill CANNA coco compressed in a brick.

Re-usable. This coco coir can be used several times which saves money, time, and effort.

RHP certified. RHP is a guarantee that certifies a product is pure/clean and free from pathogenic organisms and weeds, suitable for professional horticulture.

NOT steam sterilized. Steam sterilizing kills a medium’s ability to protect crops against harmful molds like Pythium naturally. It also converts plant-usable Nitrate nitrogen to plant toxic Nitrite nitrogen. Moreover, steaming changes the structure of the coco in terms of retaining more water.

Washed and buffered. CANNA Coco is ready for use. No need to rinse again as has been washed to clear any salt. In addition, it’s been buffered for the chemistry of the medium and its pH to ensure nutrients given will go to the plant.

Multi-functional packaging. Each brick packaging is a bag designed to be wetted or soaked in. No need to use any extra tubs, buckets, or containers. Simply open the bag and add water. The bag has easy carry grip handles as well.

Easy storage & transportation. The compressed nature of the brick takes up very little space making it easier to transport and store.

2 x 10 Liter. 20 liters of coco medium is made from one CANNA Coco Brick. If less is required, break the brick in the middle to make two equal parts of 10 liters each.

Directions to Use:

1. Open the bag. A fracture line is marked to make it easy to break the brick into half and make 10 liters.

2. Add clean water by pouring through the holes in 0.5 to one-liter increments until the coco is fully expanded. Using lukewarm water increases the speed of expansion.

3. Loosen the coco with hands to ensure a uniform product expansion.
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Coco Coir as a Potting Medium

Coco Coir as a Potting MediumCoco coir bricks are expanded up to six times its original size by simply adding water. There is no need to worry about adding too much water when re-hydrating. Excess water just drains off as well as when watering the plants.

This makes coco coir one of the forgiving mediums since it’s not possible to overwater the crops or have a soggy grow medium. Also, it retains plenty of water in its tube-like fibers even when it feels dry to touch so not much water is needed as other mediums would typically require.

It is an excellent medium to use for indoor plants, either mixed with other material such as potting soil or perlite or on its own as a soilless grow medium. Likewise, it can be used as a potting medium and each pot should be filled loosely with coir.

Repotting is just as simple. After wetting the coir thoroughly, turn the pot upside down and tap firmly while supporting the plant until it slides out of the pot. Add coco coir to the new pot as needed and place the plant into its new container. Then, fill the new pot with more coir and water adequately.
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Coco as a Medium in Hydroponics Systems

Coco as a Medium in Hydroponics SystemsTo use coco coir in a hydroponic system, choose coco that is specific for hydroponics, not the decorative mulch type. Next, rinse until the runoff water is clear. After, break it apart before planting.

Lastly, add a nutrient mix compatible with coco coir growing since it has a different way of holding and releasing certain nutrients Even if there’s the perfect nutrient balance in the reservoir, signs of deficiencies may still show if the way coco coir provide nutrients to the crops is not taken into account.

CANNA Coco medium is a perfect match with CANNA Coco nutrients. It makes combining vegetative and flowering nutrients in one nutrient mix is possible. This is due to the applied washing and buffering process and the special characteristics of coco coir. The nutrient can then be used all throughout the growing cycle and there is no need to convert nutrients from grow to bloom.
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Recycling Used Coco Coir

Recycling Used Coco CoirAfter multiple uses and once ready to recycle, it can be mixed with the outdoor garden soil. Since its extremely fibrous, it is fantastic to use to break up clay soil and improve sandy soil’s ability to hold nutrients and water. It can even be used as a mulch to keep the soil moist and inhibit weeds. All in all, there is really no need to discard used coco coir as its value is endless. Buy CANNA Coco Brick Click Here!

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