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October 12,2017 Texas

There is a town between Houston and San Antonio which is likely to see a lot of traffic coming December. It certainly wouldn’t be the tourists. It’s just that the town of Schulenburg is on the verge of becoming the first site for setting up a cannabis industry in Texas.

This town is basically a remote enclave with a population of a little over 3,000. The town is also home to the infamous Polka Music Museum of Texas. In coming December, it will become the state’s first cannabis industry as well.

Knox Medical is the dispensary that has received a license. Jose Hidalgo—its owner—has a good bit of experience in the industry as he also runs licensed MMJ operations in Puerto Rico and Florida. Hidalgo said that there is a valid reason why he chose such a small town. For starters, the location is perfect as it is only a few-hour drive from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Furthermore, the land here also possesses all the characteristics of a good grow!

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He said that he needs a large land for the operations! The dispensary and the grow operation, both will be located in the same place. Hidalgo also has plans of producing cannabis oils here that is rich in CBD content. The residents of Schulenburg seem to be centered with their opinions on this matter. While some don’t want to comment, others are quite excited about the venture unfolding. Roy Smrkovsky is one of the town’s residents. His wife suffers from chronic pain. Smrkovsky said that he had long been waiting for the state to expand the medical marijuana access since it doesn’t currently recognize chronic pains as an illness that qualifies patients for medical marijuana!

Some residents are also excited about the influx of business that this industry will bring to their town. It will be a good boost to their economy. These people, however, don’t know that CBD oil may not be available here. Knox Medical has plans to only deliver CBD oil to patients that have been registered in Texas.

The delivery and sales will start within two to three months. The problem as of now is the slow pace of the whole licensing process. This may take a which means it may be a while before patients could place orders.

Texas Flag with Marijuana
Texas Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Hightimes.com

Medical marijuana became legal in this state back in 2015. According to the law, growing and selling of only certain types of cannabis oil were allowed. This oil can possess very little amounts of CBD and THC. It has been two years since that law was passed. It is only now that the state is finally on with offering licenses to the dispensaries. The saddening fact here is that the cannabis law here only considers epilepsy patients as eligible.

This is something that has disappointed so many potential patients across the state.

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  1. By Val

    ,05 Jan 2018
    Time to put smoke up in the city, other than Texas BBQ!
  2. By Mark

    ,05 Jan 2018
    One of the biggest hurdles is the Texas legislature with their antiquated attitudes and backwards thinking. They are so slow that I am considering moving to another state! I'm 61 years old and will probably be dead before marijuana is […]Read More

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