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June 05, 2018, Florida

Two years ago, Floridians voted a public ballot that legalized the use of medical cannabis in the state. However, even after two years have been passed, the state administration hasn’t progressed much on the issue. The regulators are still dealing with ironing out the provisions. With this inefficient state of affairs, the majority of state voters who voted for the legalization are getting edgy. 

Political experts are of the belief that incumbent Republican governor, Rick Scott, is the reason why cannabis reforms are moving with the snail’s pace. While medical cannabis hasn’t taken off properly, the demand for the legalization of adult-use legalization has also gained pretty much traction.  

But Scott’s term is going to end very soon. This means Floridians will have the opportunity to vote for a gubernatorial candidate with progressive views on cannabis. By pledging cannabis reforms, Democrats have an opportunity to get the maximum favor of the state voters to win this gubernatorial race  

Some initial reports suggest that Democrats have already realized the importance of cannabis agenda in upcoming Florida’s gubernatorial race. According to a report from the News Service of Florida, three main Democratic primary candidates have endorsed the legalization of cannabis in the state. The fourth contender supports the decriminalization of minor cannabis misdemeanors.  

Republican governor, Rick Scott
Republican governor, Rick Scott – Image powered by Huffingtonpost.com

Let’s have a look at the brief profile of the three strong gubernatorial primary nominees of the Democrats.  

Andrew Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee and a strong Democratic contender for the gubernatorial race. According to Gillum, Florida will be benefited with the creation of new revenue streams in the form of cannabis-related taxes. Moreover, he is of the belief that by legalizing adult-use cannabis, the state can prevent the over-criminalization of younger demographics.  

Chris King is an entrepreneur based in Winter Park. He has also talked about the criminalization associated with the use of cannabis. As per King, by making adult-use cannabis legal and with complete decriminalization of the drug, the state can address the issue of racial disparity that majorly stems from the cannabis-related prosecution. He has also pledged to invest cannabis revenues in the program that will help to get the young people back to schools from the streets.  

Florida and Marijuana
Florida and Marijuana – Image powered by Cannabistraininguniversity.com

Philip Levine, a former Miami mayor is also contesting for the seat of the state governor. He has talked about the possibility of having a public ballot on the legalization of recreational cannabis if he would fail to get the support of the state legislator.  

Among all three Democratic primary contenders, King is the only one who is not a seasoned politician. King is criticizing his opponents for using typical elusive language to promise cannabis reforms. According to him, ‘decriminalization’ and ‘holding a public referendum’ are the standard responses of the most of the politicians to pose themselves as cannabis advocates before elections. 

It is important to note that the majority of Floridians are in the favor of blanket legalization of cannabis. According to reliable survey reports, more than 70 percent state voters are in favor of MMJ legalization while around 60 percent are in favor of legalizing the strain for recreational purposes. 

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