April 1, 2019

July 03, 2018, Texas

Adult-use legalization of cannabis in Texas is still far from reality. Here are some more reasons in the support of this argument. 

Setting up a Cannabis Retail Store is an Expensive Affair  

MMJ dispensaries operating in the state are facing several challenges to sustain their operations. Aside from banking and tax implications, there are many other aspects that deter business owners from foraying into cannabis industry. For instance, legal MMJ dispensaries can’t use regular courier services (Amazon etc.) to ship their products. They have to establish their own transportation system to take care of their shipments. Moreover, insurance coverage for MMJ business is also very costly. As per media reports, the first MMJ store of the state had to pay nearly half million dollars in first two years of premium. 

Ineffective Legal Medical Cannabis Products  

Ineffective Legal Medical Cannabis Products
Ineffective Legal Medical Cannabis Products – Image powered by Goodthingsguy.com

In local law book, medical cannabis is legal in the state. However, the products that are legally available are not manufactured by keeping in mind the composition of cannabinoids required to treat given medical conditions. The state doesn’t allow more than 0.5% in MMJ products. These extremely low amounts of THC make several MMJ products ineffective. No other state has such strict provisions for THC limit. It is also important to note that any substance with less than 5% THC doesn’t provide the drug high. With such harsh scrutiny of products intended for therapeutic uses, it is hard to imagine that the state would allow the use of cannabis products with no cap on THC. 

Biyearly Legislative Sessions are Also not Helping  

Texas has a unique legislative routine. The state assembly holds dedicated legislative sessions after every two years. Due to this long gap, bills that succeeded in garnering the support of lawmakers die there. We have seen it in the case of decriminalization in consecutive legislative sessions of 2015 and 2017. Experts think that the bill would meet the same fate in 2019 as well. 

Texas Will Remain Red for Near Future  

Texas Will Remain Red for Near Future
Texas Will Remain Red for Near Future – Image powered by Nationalreview.com

Several local political scientists have hinted that Texas might turn blue in near future. Changing ethnic realities of the state, abolition of Gerrymandering laws and backlash against Trump are some strong points indicating that the state might go to Democrats after decades.  

Nonetheless, the reality of the present is still quite contrary. According to recently held polls, the incumbent GOP senator Ted Cruz still enjoys the lead on the Democratic candidate, Bete O’Rourke, who is a vocal supporter of marijuana legalization.  Ted Cruz leading Senate race after getting all the bad reputation in the last couple of years is the manifestation of the fact that Texas will remain a Republican stronghold for near future. 

Myths are Still Over Facts on War on Drugs  

Even though the view that “war on drugs is a futile exercise” is building on a national level, but Texas polity is still living under the impression of myths that have already debunked by the facts. Studies have proved that cannabis legalization doesn’t fuel the underage abuse of drugs.  

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