January 14, 2019

July 20, 2017 New Hampshire

Chris Sununu is the New Hampshire governor who signed a cannabis decriminalization bill this Tuesday. The bill will decriminalize the possession of marijuana and will eliminate criminal penalties for people who will have a maximum of three-fourth of an ounce of cannabis. It will also remove penalties for people in the possession of 5g of hash.

This has been great for all New England. With the passage of this new law, New England has decriminalized marijuana in the entire region. This was revealed by Rom Angell—founder of Marijuana Majority.

However, this is still not the perfect time to go all with celebrations yet. The new decriminalization law will only become effective after 60 days. It wouldn’t be safe to possess hash or cannabis until then. The advocates of medical marijuana argue that this measure will be prolific for the lives of young people who are being caught with mere amounts of cannabis.

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On the contrary, opponents believe that it does nothing more than give rise to a drug crisis and send out a wrong message. The state has already been a victim of drug crisis, say the opponents, and the matter will only get worse with this decriminalization.

As per the new law, those caught with cannabis will only be fined a maximum of $300 in the case of adults. For minors caught with the drug, the penalty will depend on the delinquency petition. However, if someone goes overboard and gets caught with the possession of illegal amounts of either hash or marijuana for the fourth time in three years, they can be charged with a demeanor.

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Also, the new law does not allow the police to arrest anyone caught with a cannabis-related violation. Furthermore, the fines collected as penalties will be allocated to a fund. The entire purpose of this fund will be to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The funds will also be used for the treatment of people who are victims of such abuse.

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