January 17, 2019

After long weeks of waiting for the flowering stage to be concluded, Alas! Harvest time has finally arrived. Growers often approach this exciting time in different ways, as with all other gardening procedures. As there is no cookie cutter approach in growing a cannabis plant, most cultivators try new techniques to see which can provide the best results.

Although many methods come down to individual preference, some steps are deemed necessary during harvest time. Proper curing, for one, is crucial to ensure a top-notch end product quality. An adequate amount of time must be allotted to make it effective.

Another example is trimming. It is undeniably one of the most tedious post-harvest cannabis processes. A good amount of leaf material needs to be removed from the flowers after the harvest. The mundane nature of the task compels most growers to opt for mechanical devices to reduce manual labor or speed the process up. A wide array of trimming devices is now made available specifically for this.
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Wet and Dry trimming

Centurion Pro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming SystemWhile there are personal harvesting practices, all growers incorporate three basic stages in this process. First, removing the fan or large leaves. Second, trim leftover leaves all around the buds. And finally, de-stemming of the dried flowers either for storage or before placing it into an automated trimming machine.

Wet Trimming

As soon as the cannabis crops are cut down, the wet trimming process begins. The fan leaves are removed. That gives easy access and trimming with scissors simpler. Even though most automated trimmers require the cannabis to be dried up first, some work well on wet materials as well.

The greater number of plant materials that need to be removed is perpendicular to the flowers and trimming it wet is often easier to some since it is not tightly fixed to the buds as it would be once its dry.

Dry Trimming

As mentioned, once dry, the leaves get stuck on the buds. This makes manual trimming of dry materials a dragging and a monotonous process. Some sizeable grow operations make use of a plethora of hired hands to do this process. The downsides of doing so, aside from the obvious additional expenses, is the need to increase security and obligation to micromanage more people. These are why most commercial growers invest in heavy-duty trim machines instead.

These automated trim machines can take care of the final manicure once the flowers are dried and de-stemmed.
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Centurion Pro Automated Trimmers

Centurion Pro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming SystemWith simplistic designs, the Centurion Pro automated trimmers offer unsurpassed quality and the best performance in the industry.

Centurion Pro machines can harvest more than others on the market, and at a more competitive price. This trimmer is proven to have a more extensive cutting surface area in its class and greater CFM output with its high horsepower blowers, compared to the competition.

Aside from saving costs due to fewer manual labor to operate and maintain, Centurion Pro trimmers also assist growers to get stronger ROI results with its affordability.

Instead of a back-to-back, Centurion Pro Solutions believe in having the tumblers side-by-side to prevent the product traveling extended lengths of time through the machine. This design coupled with the superior cutting components and vacuums quality ensure the product gets trimmed in half the time.

A simple change of the tumbler gives Centurion Pro trimmers the versatility to trim both wet or dry flowers.
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3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System

Centurion Pro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming SystemThe 3.0 is the latest addition to the Centurion Pro family and it is available in wet or dry style for $19,995.00 at Growers House. This high capacity automated trimming comes health Canada/FDA ready and meets all regulatory standards. It is suitable for both wet and dry plant materials.

A high-quality food-grade direct-feed hopper comes standard with the 3.0 medical grade trimmer system. This hopper is designed to handle enormous amounts of plant materials to meet the demand of commercial producers all around the globe. It is composed of sturdy food grade plastic. Simply place the materials in the top tray and work it down into the triple-barrel system for trimming, as needed.

The 3.0 advantage

In line with the Centurion Pro quality and durability, the 3.0 body is made entirely of medical-grade anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components. These industrial strength trimmers can withstand cleaning, moves and extended use without issues.

This system can generate more than 75 human trimmer’s work without compromising quality. Per hours of use, this machine can trim a staggering 52 to 60 pounds of dry materials or 260 to 300 pounds of wet harvest.

This machine features three Toro-hardened steel cutting reels, each featuring 11 top -quality blades. The magnetic blade technology guarantees a consistently sharp blade and the cleanest cut. It is currently the biggest machine the industry and boasts the cutting power of almost two Gladiators or four of Centurion Pro Original machines.

It can deliver up to 140,000 cuts per minute, which is almost double what the Gladiator cuts. Moreover, its monumental 6 horsepower leaf collector can produce an impressive 5,000 CFM of pure suction power.

Instead of aluminum, the three tumblers on the 3.0 are made of rugged, 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel. Each of these high-capacity tumblers is 35 inches in length and 6.5 inches in diameter that grants a total of 78 inches of cutting surface.

The tumblers are uniquely designed to handle delicate flowers and each one utilizes a non-stick Quantanium coating. Without the need of sprays or special lubricants, this technology prevents valuable trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface. As a result, up to 40 percent of trichome is preserved.

In addition, the 3.0 features a unique diverter to specifically fine-tune airflow to ensure the preservation of different densities and strains. On top of that, a double bag system is designed for cleanliness. It also serves as a keif and trim collector to avoid any type of wastage.

The easy setup and tear down is designed to saves time. It takes only roughly 40 minutes to set up and less time to tear down. Cleaning up the 3.0 is also a breeze. The entire machine, tumblers excluded, can be cleaned in 40 minutes with a pressure washer. The Quantanium-coated tumblers, on the other hand, only requires a quick soak in warm, soapy water and a wipe down.

Lastly, the simplistic design and less moving parts of the 3.0 makes it easy to maintain and fix.

Technical Specs

Input voltage: 7 A – 110 V NA | 3.5 A – 220 V EU/AUS
Dimensions: 36” L x 36” W x 27” H
Weight: 180 lbs.
Tumbler diameter: 3 x 6.5”
Tumbler length: 3 x 35”
Number of tumblers: 3
Human trimmer replacement: 75 people
Processing capability: Dry: 60-70 lbs./hr., Wet: 300-350 lbs./hr.
Cuts per minute: 140,000
Warranty: 10 years

3.0 Leaf collector

Input voltage: 34 A – 220 V NA/EU/AUS
Dimensions: 30” L x 25” W x 27” H
Weight: 100 lbs.
Horse power: 6 HP
Airflow capacity: 5,000 CFM
Warranty: 3 years

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