December 10, 2019

When marijuana began legalizing in different states, only a few medical conditions could qualify patients for the use of this drug. However, with time, there have been several rightful additions to the list of illnesses that qualify people for access to medical marijuana.

One of the most recent additions came in the New York’s MMJ program. The NY Department of Health announced a bunch of milestones achieved in the state’s medical marijuana program. This included the certification of over 3,300 patients. This huge number of patients got certified for the use of medical marijuana as the NY MMJ program added chronic pains in its list of qualifying illnesses. This happened two months ago in March of this year. The achieved milestones also included the registration of around a thousand practitioners. Dr. Howard Zucker—Health Commissioner—said in an interview,

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“We are improving access to medical marijuana for patients in need across New York State,”

He added to it further, saying,

“As we have said from the very beginning, we will continue to grow this program responsibly and help ease the suffering of those who may benefit from this treatment option.”

It was late in March of this year when the Department planned on adding chronic pains to the list of ten other qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana. This addition proved to be a great
measure as it went on to add to the already great number of patients certified for MMJ use. This, in turn, strengthened the New York’s medical marijuana program even more.

Since March, there have been over 3,300 patients that have been certified for the use of medical marijuana. This accounts for a staggering 18% increase, taking the total number of certified patients to over 18,300.

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In order to add further ease, the NY Department of Health has also gone on to take steps in order to expand MMJ access for patients. A core part of this entire measure is the addition of several health care providers who have stepped up to certify patients. The increased number of health care providers has led to a great bit of ease both for the Department and the patients.

To make the medical marijuana industry even more powerful in New York, the Department of Health has begun empowering nurse practitioners. The Department has also empowered physician assistants. Both the assistants and nurses assist physicians in certifying patients for the MMJ program. The total number of registered practitioners has since increased by 10% taking the total number to 5,995 as of May 2017.

There have also been several other measures due to which all a patient needs to do is speak to his or her health care provider. This health care provider will then find a suitable registered practitioner for the patient. It is an undoubted fact that New York is among the states that have been on the right track regulating medical marijuana.

In New York, you cannot get medical marijuana through a clinic, hospital or even at a practitioner’s office. In order to get your hands on the drug in this state, you need to visit the dispensing facilities that operate under registered organizations.

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