4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent Package

September 20, 2019

4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent Package =]:

Most cannabis cultivators begin a grow operation with not a lot of space compared to the established growers. Typically, novice gardeners have only a small place to work with. Many are also not exactly sure what essentials tool to get in order to get started.

Preparing a grow kit is not only difficult, but it’s also quite tedious and a bit technical.

Fortunately, with the number of complete tent packages out on the market today, it’s now easier to get a kit that best suits any gardening needs. These complete grow tent kits, such as the 4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent Package can be set up in no time. This complete package includes everything that is needed to discretely get started with growing at home.

Complete Grow Tent Package

4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent PackageEvery aspect of the 4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent Package is designed by experienced growers. Each and every part is meticulously chosen to ensure the best grow experience every time at a much affordable price.

Package inclusions:

  • Plant House Indoor Grow Tent 4’ x 8’ x 73”
  • Growers House Carbon Filter 8” x 24” 750 CFM
  • Active Air In-line Fan 8” 720 CFM
  • Black Lightproof Ducting with Clamps 8” x 25”
  • Silver Flex Duct Tape 5 yards
  • Hurricane Clip Fan Classic Series 6” x 4
  • Quantum Digital Dimmable Ballast 1000 W 120/240 x 2
  • Xtrasun 84 Air Cooled Reflector 8” x 2
  • Ultra Sun High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps 1000 watts x 2
  • Ultra Sun Metal Halide (MH) Bulbs 1000 W 4.2K x 2
  • Grow Crew Ratchet Light Hanger 1/8” x 2 pairs
  • Titan Controls Apollo 8 24H dual timer x 2
  • Grower’s Edge Large Display Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Growers House Essentials Round Fabric Charcoal Pot 3 gallons x 20
  • Gro Pro Heavy-duty Black Saucer 12” x 20
  • Grower’s Edge Soft Mesh Trellis Netting 5’ x 15’ with 6” squares
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

The complete package is available at Growers House for $1,042.05.

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent offers a total control over the grow space. It is built with thick, durable sheathing fabric and a reinforced full metal frame. This tent features crossbars to give cultivators the option of hanging ventilation systems and lighting from the ceiling, with a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds. It opens up the entire 32 square feet of grow space for the crop.

With the large grow space, grower gets the change to experiment with the light source. For example, using a combination of 600 w MH and HPS lamps to provide a wide spectrum of light. Installing a 1000w HPS bulb in the center and auxiliary lights on both sides is another option.

This grow tent has a number of inlets at the top and bottom and, each with double cinch flanges allowing for adjustments in the inlet diameter if needed. It seals it with a Velcro flap for a 100 percent lightproof enclosure. It also comes with additional zippers on the sides to give growers total access to the grow space.

Access to the crops and airflow management becomes easy. To allow the growers to manage airflow while keeping pests out, this tent includes a dedicated airflow inlet with a fine mesh. This inlet can be sealed with a Velcro flap as well.

The tent’s sheathing is made with a 600 D polyester yarn covered with a layer of PVC. It is paired with specially modified zippers block all light from escaping the grow tent. No additional covers or Velcro straps needed for this lightproof grow tent.

A layer of BoPET film, a highly efficient material with a 98 percent reflectivity is what’s inside this grow tent. This film is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals as well. It also disperses light rays evenly over the grow space and insulates well, preventing shot spots from developing.

Growers House Carbon Filter

Growers House Carbon Filter 8” x 24” 750 CFM acts as a scrubber and cleans the air using activated carbon. As odor-causing and pollutant molecules pass through the exhaust filter, the carbon in this charcoal filter binds and traps it. This carbon filter’s open mesh design encourages maximum odor filtration and air flow.

To ensure a long, effective life for this exhaust filter, the carbon is machine-packed. It has an estimated two years of longevity. The Growers House carbon filter has a light-weight, convenient design with powder-coated aluminum at both ends, a built-in flange, and comes with two pre-filters.

Active Air In-Line Fan

Active Air in-line fans help control temperatures and odor in the indoor grow tent. This fan is built for quiet operation with its UL-recognized component and high-quality molded impeller. It has a rated life of 20,000 hours on an average and its five-year warranty guarantees an economical value.

Perfect for use with air cooling lighting reflectors, carbon filters, or attaching to ducting to ventilate the grow tent. This fan includes a 120-volt power cord and mounting brackets for easy installation.

Hurricane Clip Fan

This UL listed Hurricane 6” Clip Fan is easily mountable wherever needed. During use, it holds the fan in place with its strong clamp. It has an adjustable tilt mechanism and two-speed operation. It includes a 120-volt, five-foot power cord. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Quantum Digital Dimmable Ballast

Quantum 1000-watt is an industry leader in electronic dimmable ballasts. It features such as dimmability from 100 to 75 percent and 50 percent. It also runs HPS and MH bulbs and is 120 or 240 volts.

Compared to most digital ballasts on the market, the Quantum digital ballasts run 15 percent cooler. Its backed by a three-year warranty and comes with the 120v power cord. It is also compatible with 240-volt power cords (sold separately).

Xtrasun 84 Air Cooled Reflector

Xtrasun 8 inches has integrated air-cool fittings for maximum air movement. Its internal surface is made from a highly reflective imported aluminum to promote a more efficient air-cooling.

A 15-feet heavy duty lamp cord and socket assembly and are built into the reflector. It comes complete with a tempered glass, hinged frame, and wire hangers.

Ultra Sun HPS

Ultra Sun High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps have been specifically engineered for horticulture applications. It has a Kelvin temperature rating of 2000°K, ideal for both vegetative and flowering stages of plants. These lamps are an excellent lamp for full-term plant growth as well.

These are high-quality lamps that have excellent reliability at an economical price. It features robust construction and comes with one-year warranty.

Ultra Sun MH

Ultra Sun Metal halide (MH) lamps have 4200º K color temperature. These lamps have good spectral distribution and universal burn position. It emits the green and blue regions of the light spectrum and stimulates plant growth more efficiently than any other light source and are backed with a one-year warranty.

Grow Crew Ratchet Light Hanger

Grow Crew easy ratchet hanger can hold up to 138 pounds or 63 kilograms. It’s made with special composite material and heat and cold resistant. It locks in place, pulls tight, will never break or slip, and will not rust. It includes a 7-inch braided polypropylene rope and carabineer clips to provide a secure hold.

Titan Controls Apollo 8 Timer

The Apollo 8 24-hour analog dual timer is the perfect programmable timing solution to complement this grow kit. Setting up to run lights, pumps, fans, and others are easy with its 15-amp capacity and two outlets. This timer has 96 non-detachable, 15-minute trippers. To meet the most demanding timing requirements, it can be configured in numerous timing schedules.

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit contains pH up, pH down and pH test indicator. It uses food grade phosphoric acid to lower the pH to the proper level. When the nutrient pH is too low, add a little at a time in order to raise the pH to the proper level.

To use for testing, use 3 drops per 5mL of solution. Add a few drops of pH test indicator and fill a test-tube halfway with nutrient. In the test vial, observe the coloration of the liquid.
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Complete Grow Tent Package for No Hassle

4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent PackageIndoor cannabis cultivation is indeed highly satisfying. However, closely controlling the amount of light, humidity temperature, is a challenge even with experienced growers.

The good news is, there is no need to further struggle with managing conditions in a tent, just purchase a complete kit that can support in controlling the grow environment.

The 4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000 W HID Coco presents one of the best of complete Grow Tent Packages that can help start the grow right away. No more hassles. Everything that is needed is already included. Buy 4’ x 8’ Grow Room 1000W HID Coco Complete Grow Tent Package Click Here!

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