Colorado Allows School Nurses to Administer Medical Cannabis

January 14, 2019

June 08, 2018, Colorado

In the context of cannabis development and reforms, Colorado has always been a way ahead than any other state. It was the first US state that legalized adult-use cannabis. Its medical marijuana program also exists in a very developed shape. With a new legislation, the Centennial State has once again proved that they will continue to break new grounds regarding cannabis. 

Yesterday John Hickenlooper, the state governor, ratified House Bill 1286, which would allow school nurses to administer MMJ, given that parents give permission.  

Two years ago, the cannabis laws were amended to allow parents to take care of MMJ medication of their children at school premises. But for that, parents have to go to school and take care of MMJ administration of their children. For parents with day jobs, it is not a feasible option to physically go to school every day to look over the administration of MMJ.  

For that matter, cannabis advocates and parents were demanding to amend the law to allow school staff to take care of MMJ administration of student patients. The Governor himself admitted that he was moved and inspired by the story of a young MMJ patient and her mother.  

John Hickenlooper, the state governor
John Hickenlooper, the state governor – Image powered by

With MMJ administration in school premises, many people have raised the concern that it might end up in the possession of other students. The state administration was well-aware of these implications. Therefore, they have also outlined strict provisions for the administration of MMJ by the hands of school nurses to ensure better handling, storing and transportation of the strain.  

  • Medical cannabis products will be stored in a locked container in the school premises.  
  • A duly signed agreement between the school principal and child’s parents is also a prerequisite to allow school nurses to administer MMJ.  
  • Parents have to present a doctor’s recommendation note that clearly mentions the details of dosing.  
  • Students can’t bring their MMJ medications to school. Parents are required to hand over the medications to the school nurse.  

It is worth mentioning that the law doesn’t oblige any school in the state to allow its nurses to take care of MMJ administrations. It will be the prerogative of every school to decide on its own whether or not it can allow the MMJ administration by nurses while maintaining all the necessary provisions outlined above.  Moreover, school nurses can also decide on their own if they want to take the responsibility or not. 

Colorado Allows School Nurses to Administer Medical Cannabis
Colorado Allows School Nurses to Administer Medical Cannabis – Image powered by

Nevertheless, even with all these limitations and restrictions, the new legislation will definitely provide relief to many parents who have been exhausted in taking care of their child’s MMJ administration at the school and their work.  

Medical marijuana has been studied for its effectiveness against different pediatric health conditions. For child patients with epilepsy, MMJ is proved to be very effective in reducing the frequency of epileptic seizures. This is the reason why, aside from seniors, minors make up a big portion of MMJ patient population in the country.

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