January 14, 2019

A Colorado State Committee voted unanimously in favor of a bill that includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as an ailment that qualifies for the usage of medical marijuana.

The Various Voices Heard at the Passing

According to one Curtis Bean, a military veteran:

I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for cannabis.

Bean was one of the several who spoke in favor of the cannabis bill in front of the State, Veterans and Military Affairs meeting. The veteran also recalled losing a dear friend to suicide due to PTSD, after all manner of prescribed drugs proved futile in preventing it.

While the majority of the voices were in favor, there were tidings of caution from some of the medical organizations of the state, putting forward the potential harms of such a rapid addition without a firm base of research.

According to Dr. Charlotte Lippolis, a psychiatrist specializing in children and teens:

PTSD does not have an age or gender, and most sufferers are not veterans. I have concerns, grave concerns about putting this forward as a medical treatment without the data to support that.

What the Bill Says

Senate Bill 17 qualifies post traumatic stress disorder and other acute stress disorders as ‘disabling medical conditions’, under the laws of the state regarding medical marijuana. PTSD is now one of the many afflictions and ailments which warrant the usage of medical marijuana, joining the likes of nausea, severe pain and even HIV/AIDS.

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The Ruling, According to Those in Support
Senator Irene Aguilar, who was one of the sponsors of the bill, said that she felt more open to considering medical marijuana as a viable alternative to conventional medicine.

She also mentioned being averse to the initial ruling in 2000, which qualified marijuana as a form of medicine.

Aguilar also added that there is a bias against the usage of medical marijuana in the medical community, and that it is only after hearing multiple stories from all those who availed the massive benefits, did she change her stance on the subject.

Teri Robnett, who is an advocate, highlighted the usage of medical marijuana as compared to medication that has side effects as profound as suicidal thoughts.

The public testimony came from a mixed crowd that included veterans as well as domestic abuse victims, all vying for the approval of medical marijuana as a source of relief from their respective symptoms.

Colorado is now among the 20 states that have already approved of the usage of medical marijuana for the treatment of PTSD. The other states include Washington, California, Florida, and even Arkansas. This is good news for the sufferers of PTSD in Colorado, as they will now have access to a better relief system than potentially harmful drugs.

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  1. By Richard Fournier ,05 Feb 2017
    its surprising you would think that would have been on the list a long time ago, what are they thinking or not thinking. at least now more military personal can get the treatment they need. USA # 1 go troops

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