January 14, 2019

August 29, 2017 Colorado

Despite the proven therapeutic claims of cannabis, the US federal government still considers the drug illegal. The state of Colorado has voiced its opinion on the matter saying that its cannabis industry is flourishing. However, the state officials have said that if the federal government joins hands with them, the cannabis industry in Colorado could thrive better.

This was written by the State Governor John Hickenlooper to Attorney General Jeff Sessions via a letter this Thursday. Hickenlooper and Cynthia Coffman—Attorney General—have asked Jeff Sessions to collaborate with them as well as the other states that have legalized recreational cannabis. Colorado wants Sessions to join hands so the cannabis businesses can gain proper federal banking access.

As of right now, the entire industry operates on cash since recreational cannabis is still banned in the eyes of federal law. Sessions has time and again tried to have a crackdown on cannabis legalizations across the states. Governor John Hickenlooper told Sessions that the nation’s first recreational cannabis industry is robust.

Colorado Flag with Marijuana
Colorado Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Weedcoups.com

He further elaborated that Colorado has made attempts to impede black market sales of cannabis. In addition, the state has also put a stop to the diversion of cannabis to other states, and has kept the drug away from youth. It has become a live model for all the states, and other nations around the globe.

It wasn’t long ago that Jeff Sessions had sent letters to four states including Colorado about his concerns on the effectiveness of cannabis regulations. Each of the four states has gone on to defend themselves on the matter. Hickenlooper and Coffman have actually gone a step further in addressing Session’s concerns. They addressed diversion, DUI, and Minors in detail.

Colorado told Sessions how they have nearly perfected seed-to-sale tracking. The state has capped plant cultivation for individuals, and allocated $6 million to police actions targeting the black market.

In case of the motor vehicle fatalities due to DUI, the Colorado duo state that there has been a 21% year on year decline in pot-impaired drivers on the road.

Marijuana – Image powered by Patch.com

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the Colorado governor and attorney general said, there has been no increase in youth cannabis consumption. In fact, there has been a report sponsored by none other than the United States Department of Health and Human Services which states that the numbers of youth cannabis consumption have actually declined since legalization.

Governor John Hickenlooper wrote,

“We stand ready to work with our federal partners to fortify what we have built,”

Everyone is hopeful that for once, Sessions will make a wise decision regarding cannabis. If anything, Colorado has addressed each of his concerns to make the industry smoother and safer.

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