January 14, 2019

February 16, 2018, Colorado

After meeting with the officials of the Department of Justice, a GOP senator from Colorado has decided to discontinue the blocking of nominees on some the department’s vacant positions. Cory Gardner, a Republican senator has taken this decision after getting satisfactory explanation of the department’s policies regarding cannabis and its state-level legalizations.

In January, Gardner used his authority as a senator to block the nominees after Jeff sessions announced to rescind Cole Memo, a set of laws protecting state legalization affairs from the federal encroachments.

It’s a gutsy move by the senator against the department headed by a person having the same political affiliation as Gardner. Now after meeting with Sessions, Gardner has unblocked the nominations. He told media that the Department had assured him that there wouldn’t be a federal crackdown against legal cannabis operations of the states. Earlier, Gardner had made it clear that he would hold the nominees until Sessions changed his anti-legalization stance.

Sen. Cory Gardner
Sen. Cory Gardner – Image powered by Marijuana.com

This embargo also created tensions within the Republican ranks. On one hand, Sessions lamented that the blocking of nominations was impeding the department’s work. On the other hand, Gardner’s fellow Republican senators were eager to fill the vacant posts in their respective states.

While talking to the Associated Press, Gardner said that he had a very productive discussion with the Deputy Attorney General on the issue. According to him, the department’s higher ups have shown him their good intent with their legalization policies. So, in response he is releasing some nominees.

As per media reports, the nominees that are going to get unblocked are: 12 positions of US attorneys in different federal districts, similar number of US marshals and the head of National Security division of the department.

Marijuana in Colorado
Marijuana in Colorado – Image powered by Denver.cbslocal.com

Experts are suggesting that Gardner has decided to release the nominees after he has been promised that no crackdown is going to take place against people complying with the state laws while operating their cannabis operations.

Nevertheless, illegal and poorly complied marijuana venture will still be vulnerable to the federal wrath. Gardner has also shown a path to other lawmakers as how to use their constitutional powers to counter the unwanted federal maneuvers. Gardner is still holding seven crucial nominees of the Justice Department. Aside from that, he is also working with senators from both side of the aisle to come up with a piece of legislation ensuring the protection of rights of that states with cannabis legalization programs.

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