Colorado Pot Businesses have Found a Way to Advertise Themselves

April 1, 2019

August 16, 2018, Colorado

Cannabis is legal in Colorado for more than five years. However, the state still doesn’t allow pot businesses to do outdoor advertising. Under the state regulations, cannabis companies are not allowed to put their ads on billboards, benches, poles, taxis or any other medium visible to masses from any public space (streets, parks, sidewalks etc). But last year cannabis establishments eventually found a way to do a bit of outdoor promotion when the state commenced a highway cleanup sponsorship program.

The sponsorship program was rolled out by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). It offers businesses, organizations, and volunteer groups to become a part of an effort to keep the rest areas and roadsides of the state highways clean and attractive.

Organizations agreeing to pay for the contractors to clean a particular stretch of the highways can put their name and logo on five feet wide and four feet high street signs containing public awareness messages. The department has made it clear that these signs can’t be used as an absolute advertising medium.

Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado Department of Transportation – Image powered by

Luckily the CTOD hasn’t prohibited cannabis businesses from participating in the program. And pot establishments haven’t wasted a moment in seizing the opportunity. According to local media reports, there are 280 such signs on the state highways and more than half of them contain names and logos of cannabis businesses.

NuVue dispensary is a legal cannabis business that operates in the outskirts of Pueblo. According to the assistant manager of the establishment, the highway sponsorship has helped them in growing their business. Within a year after putting their name and logo on one of the signs, their sales have been increased by 103 percent. The assistant manager considers these highway signs a great way for local cannabis businesses to get their name out in the neighborhood.

According to the spokesperson of CTOD, the sponsorship program is beneficial for both local businesses and the department. With putting their identifications on the signs, businesses can get public exposure whereas the department gets new sources of revenue to keep up their operations.

Colorado Flag with Marijuana
Colorado Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by

For cannabis ventures, in particular, this sponsorship program is of great significance. Not only can they get into the public eye by sponsoring CTOD when there are no other avenues of promotion available, but they can also convey the message that they care for the community like any responsible entity.

It is crucial for cannabis companies to work on their image because decades of war on drugs have associated the strain with criminality. For that matter, many people still look even legal cannabis businesses with suspicion.

The Hypocrisy

Cannabis is legal in the state of Colorado. However, it is not given the privilege enjoyed by other legal commodities. For instance, alcohol companies are allowed to do extensive marketing and branding even though alcohol is also an intoxicating substance. The same hypocrisy can also be seen in other states where cannabis has been completely legalized but still not given the same status as alcohol products.

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