January 14, 2019

January 18, 2018, Illinois

List of medical conditions, which are approved for the treatment of medical marijuana, varies in each and every state where MMJ is legal. Isn’t it mind-boggling that the patients with the same medical condition of two different states are being treated differently?

This absurd feature of MMJ programs has been exposed every now and then. As for now, the list of medical conditions for MMJ use in Illinois is being discussed where a county Judge has directed the state’s department of health to include intractable pain to the list. The order has been given to facilitate the patients whose symptoms of intractable pain get alleviated with the use of medical marijuana.

The director of the department, Dr. Nirav Shah, seems stubborn on the issue. He has refused multiple times to include intractable pain in the list of qualifying conditions. Two years ago, the state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board unanimously voted to add the condition in the list, but Shah rejected the amendment of the list. He stated that not enough research was available to support the therapeutic benefits of MMJ for the given condition.

Allow MMJ for Intractable Pain
Allow MMJ for Intractable Pain – Image powered by Slideshare.net

But now Raymond Mitchell, a Cook County Judge, has ruled that Shah’s reason to not add the condition in the list was flawed. Because more than 40 clinical studies have been reviewed by different medical journals demonstrate the benefits of medical marijuana for the patients suffering from chronic and intractable pains.

This verdict can significantly transform the scope of the state’s medical marijuana program. Right now, there are 40 different medical conditions included in the list of qualifying conditions but intractable pain is not among them. Which is quite strange, since it is cited as one of the main reasons to administer medical marijuana throughout the country.

A petition from Ann Mednick has led to this court ruling. Mednick is a patient of osteoarthritis and suffering from intractable pain due to this. She has been using opioid pills to lessen the pain and agony of osteoarthritis.

Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis – Image powered by Marijuanatimes.org

But due to a severe side effect of the medication, she wants to move to an option with lesser health implications. Talking to a newspaper, she heavily criticized the authorities with their regressive approach to the use of medical cannabis. She also says that the state is not moving forward with time.

According to the spokesperson of the health department, the court ruling will be challenged. So, we will have to witness more of a legal fight on adding intractable pain to the qualifying conditions of the state’s medical marijuana program.

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