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September 22,2017 Kentucky

Kentucky judge gave his ruling on Wednesday to uphold Kentucky’s medical cannabis ban. In the decision, he mentioned the need to “curtail citizens’ possession of a narcotic, hallucinogenic drug.”

While this settlement might be explicable in the context of adult-use marijuana, the proceedings were over the use of medical marijuana. The judgment of Thomas Wingate, judge of Franklin Circuit, has brought an end to a heated debate put forward by three petitioners who sued the state over “denying sick people safe medicine.”

According to the Associated Press report, the concluding remarks of the judge read, “discretion to regulate what is harmful to the public health and wellbeing.” The judgment was within the ambit of the state’s purview regarding medical marijuana.

Wingate further added that if petitioners wanted to continue to fight against the ban, they could take it to the state’s elected representatives. However, it is still unclear whether the petitioners will do that.

Kentucky’s Medical Marijuana Ban
Kentucky’s Medical Marijuana Ban – Image powered by Medicaljane.com

The three plaintiffs, Amy Stalker, Danny Belcher and Dan Seum Jr, listed in the case cited that they filed the petition for personal reasons. Each one of them said they use medical marijuana to treat their health issues.

Stalker’s plea originated from her need to use medical marijuana to treat her irritable bowel syndrome and bipolar disorder. Before moving to Kentucky, she lived in Colorado and Washington where she could use medical marijuana.

Seum Jr, uses medical marijuana to alleviate the chronic pain from untreatable spinal problems and he explained that he didn’t want to use stronger drugs to treat the pain. Likewise, Belcher used medical cannabis to treat his Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Seum Jr. told the reporters, “I don’t want to be addicted to those type drugs. Although cannabis, it doesn’t take (the pain) away completely; it allows me to function a little more. I can function and still not be addicted.”

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It is ironic that the decision to uphold Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban have come in at that point of time when the state’s economy is being invigorated due to the same plant species it wants to ban.

With the decline of the tobacco industry in the state, Kentucky recently passed a bill to authorize the cultivation of hemp in the state for industrial use. Hemp is a strain of cannabis with insignificant traces of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

The commencement of hemp cultivation in the state might encourage pro-cannabis movement. But right now, the unending ban on all types of cannabis has unsettled many.

The difference between profit margins of hemp and marijuana has also created uproar. Recently, the authorities arrested a former sheriff for the possession of 71 marijuana plants which were found on his hemp farm. He told the authorities that he had decided to grow those plants because he wanted to save his land since hemp crops were not providing good returns.

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