January 14, 2019

February 28, 2018, Denver

Colorado, one of the preliminary states to legalize recreational cannabis, is going to set another precedent by approving the state’s first site of social consumption for adult-use marijuana. The state official’s have permitted the opening of cannabis club in the capital.  

In 2016, voters in Denver have approved social consumption through a ballot measure. The city administration opened its application window for people who are interested in starting such a venture after nine months of the approval. However, advocates of social consumption were critical of the stringent regulations which made it very difficult for prospective ventures to find a suitable location to open cannabis clubs.   

For instance, businesses that are dealing in liquor can’t have cannabis consumption space in their establishment. Moreover, a public space to consume marijuana can’t be opened within 1000 feet of day care centers, schools, and rehabilitation centers.  

A coffee shop, which has gotten the approval, has started planning to avail the benefits of legalized social consumption in the city of Denver. They are going to charge people to use their space for non-smoking consumption of marijuana (through vaping and in an edible form). According to the approved ballot, cannabis clubs can’t allow smoking of the strain and neither can they sell it.  

Cannabis Club in the City 
Cannabis Club in the City  – Image powered by Coloradopolitics.com

Rita Tsalyuk, co-proprietor of the shop, is hopeful to have the site transformed into cannabis consumption space in next 15 days. For now, the concerned authorities are making it certain the site of coffee shop and its business model are in total compliance with the regulations pertaining social consumption.  

For now, the coffee shop is selling coffee and snacks. The shop has been operational since the beginning of this year. Tsalyuk is feeling this initiative as a huge responsibility.  She is very determined to make this cannabis club the finest social spot for the city of Denver and its people.  

Marijuana laws of the state don’t have much to say on the status of cannabis cafes where customers can also buy the marijuana products. Due to this ambiguity and lack of detail, many such establishments are operating on the sly in different parts of Colorado. There are also reports that authorities and law enforcement agencies are aware of some of these cannabis clubs but they are advertently tolerating their presence.   

Denver Officials Allow First Cannabis Club in the City 
Denver Officials Allow First Cannabis Club in the City  – Image powered by Leafly.com

Among state that have legalized the adult-use of cannabis, only California is quickly moving to approve the sites for social consumption. In Alaska, the regulators have pushed back the discussion of consuming cannabis in retail stores for next few months. Similar is the case of Massachusetts, where regulators have decided to put the prospect of cannabis cafés on the back burner until fall.  

The coffee shop, which might be the first legal cannabis space of Colorado, is located in an industrial zone of the Capital, adjacent to a marijuana store owned by Tsalyuk’s husband. According to her, many customers ask the attendants at the marijuana store for any place where they can consume it because even with legalization, public consumption is prohibited in the state.   

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