Denver’s initiative to decriminalize psilocybin moves to canvassing phase

April 1, 2019

October 12, 2018, Denver

These days, proponents of recreational drugs are gathering the signatures for the initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms. City council and election office have recently allowed the advocacy group Denver for Psilocybin to start the canvassing campaign to qualify for the public ballot of May 2019.

The group has termed the approval as a significant achievement in drug policy reform for the city, state, and the entire country. The campaign manager of the initiative Kevin Matthews says that it’s an opportunity for them to bring a change in people’s lives, and a good one.

It is important to mention that the initiative will not result in an outright legalization of psilocybin. If passed, the initiative will make the use, possession, and distribution of psilocybin mushrooms for adults 21 and above the lowest law enforcement priority for the city administration. Moreover, the initiative also calls for abolishing criminal penalties for all those possessing and growing mushrooms for their personal use.

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Lastly, the measure also entails the formation of a review panel to evaluate and report the repercussions of the mushroom decriminalization. Denver for Psilocybin initiated the process by submitting the copy of measure to the city council. The council reviewed the measure and sent it to the Denver Election Division. After reviewing the text of the initiative, the Division issued the permission on October 5.

The proponents of the measure have to gather 4,726 signatures by January to add the initiative in the citywide election of May 2019. People at Psilocybin for Denver are very optimistic regarding the approval of the measure. Matthews think that they will succeed in gathering the required signatures to qualify for the May election.

Kayvan Khalatbar owns an MMJ dispensary in Denver and runs a cannabis consultancy firm too. Khalatbar is also running for the next mayoral elections. According to him, there are still bleak chances for the initiative to get the required momentum. He said this on the basis of a survey conducted during his campaign.

Legalization of Psilocybin
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But he has also conceded that the survey was carried out prior to the educational campaign run by the advocate group. Therefore, the possibility of the initiative’s success can’t be entirely ruled out. Matthews and its team are all set to commence the intensive journey of canvassing the voters on the measure and getting their approval in the form of signatures.

Some experts think that the provision of domestic cultivation might not be received well even by some supporters of psilocybin use. However, the group thinks that people have understood that it’s everyone’s natural right to grow and use mushrooms since no deadly outcome is directly attributed to its use.

The same group also tried to put mushroom decriminalization initiative in the November ballot of this year. However, they failed to do that because of language problems in the draft and some other issues. This time around, they have worked out these errors and thus succeeded in getting the approval of the city council and election office.

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