January 14, 2019

Last week former US Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he was going to join the board of the cannabis company Acreage Holdings, which is responsible for the cultivation, and disbursement of the legal weed sold in 11 US states. Joining him is former Massachusetts governor William Weld. The president of Arcreage is very excited about this partnership. “We view this advocacy that we get from these two gentlemen as immensely positive for the industry,” said George Allen, president of Acreage.

Why the Change of Heart, John?

You may remember that John Boehner had previously been opposed to cannabis legalization. He used to say this all the time. Now he claims to have had a change of heart. Boehner says that he is with the 64% of Americans who favor legalizing cannabis. Why? The entire time he was in politics he never seemed to care too much for what the American people thought, let alone what they wanted. The answer here is pretty simple: money.

Boehner sees the changing tide. He knows which side his bread is buttered on. He knows that cannabis is going to become one of the largest industries in the US and he wants to capitalize. Never mind the fact that while he was Speaker of the House he stood in the way of cannabis legalization a multitude of times. This is why you should not trust John Boehner, or any other politician or businessman who formerly opposed cannabis legalization, who is now jumping on the legalization bandwagon. They are not doing it for love of the plant. They are doing it for love of the green, and not even the right type of green, if you know what I mean.

Acreage thinks that they would benefit from Boehner’s expertise because he knows his way around the legislative process. This is nothing but optics, designed to cover up the fact that Boehner is simply going where the money is. This is nothing more than a shady backroom deal. Unfortunately, we will be seeing a lot more of this type of thing. One of the downsides of legalization, I suppose.  

It’s All About the Money For Them

We all know that John Boehner and others like him will not do anything to help the legalization movement unless it also helps their bottom line. These people will not fight to get people convicted of cannabis related offenses released from jail or prison. They will not fight to ensure that medical cannabis users have decent access to the medicine that they need, well unless it means big profits for them. These folks do not care about the plant itself, or all of its amazing possibilities. It’s all about the money for them.

We should be calling these bandwagoners out. We should be using social sanctions to force them to fight for what’s right. Otherwise they will destroy what is good about legal weed. The industry will turn into big tobacco, or big booze. We cannot let that happen.

Image Source: NY Magazine

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