January 14, 2019

October 05,2017

As it happens, not having a photo ID can keep you from getting rehabilitated.

A lot of drug addicts in the US who are trying to do the right thing are being made to walk away from the doors of US rehabilitation centers only because they don’t carry a photo ID with them. This is one of the most concerning aspects of this country. The people from the homeless community, the people who are a part of the American junkie culture, they do not even stand a chance to make things right for themselves. These people, for obvious reasons, don’t have a legal identification. They are penniless. They then start doing drugs. But if any one of them is trying to get things right by becoming sober, turning to these rehabilitation centers is not doing much for them.

One of the stories that recently gained hype was of Steven Kemp. He has long been an addict and has been living on the streets since last year. Kemp and many like him, face rock bottom more times than anyone could ever imagine. When Kemp decided that he wanted to get rid of the lifestyle and move away from the slums of Philadelphia, he was rejected an admission into a rehab center because he did not have a photo ID. The very thing—his addictions—that led him to the streets were once again the only friends he could turn to.

Drug Abuse
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It was one of the most discouraging blows he could get at this point in his life. As Kemp said in an interview,

“If somebody goes in and says ‘I need help, they should get it,”

His point was more valid than the senses of most of these people running the rehab centers. Kemp admitted that it is important that you pay, but shouldn’t it be the ethics of a health professional to help someone recover from such detrimental problems? Isn’t it what these health professionals take an oath for?

What do these people expect from a man who has been living on the streets for over a year? That he would have his licenses, social security cards, and birth certificates in his pocket as he roams around? With a credit card to pay for the expenses he needed to take care of to survive? This is utter nonsense.

As it seems, your documents from the state and federal governments are what offer you the right to seek medical help. Kemp is not the only person rejected. There are many addicts who decide to make their lives better, to quit drugs, to seek medical help, to become able to support themselves and live a decent lifestyle, but they all get forced back into where they had come from.

Marijuana – Image powered by Vegnews.com

As Dr. Corey Walker said,

“It’s Russian roulette every time you inject. We let them die from a treatable disease because they don’t have an ID,”

If we want lesser people to live on the streets and more to go seek a better lifestyle, the least we need to do is remove these unnecessary restrictions, and facilitate those that require immediate treatment.

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