January 17, 2019

Roots fully submerged in nutrient solution cannot grow to its full potential without oxygen. Also, without sufficient O2, infection from pathogens that can lead to root rot usually develop.

Oxygen powers aerobic respiration, which gives the plants energy for the roots to bring in nutrients and vigorous growth. A lack of this oxygen can decrease the amount of water and minerals absorbed by the crops. This will result in stunted root growth and can push plants to produce a stress hormone called ethylene, which can lead to pathogen susceptibility.

Commonly used in fish aquariums, airstones are also often utilized in hydroponic systems to generate adequate oxygen for the plant’s root zones. These small, inexpensive and uncomplicated devices are added to the water tank to produce dissolved oxygen, (DO) in the liquid solution. It comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide array of containers and systems.

Air stones are typically attached to an air pump via a small tube. This air pump sits outside the tank and with its help, many oxygen-filled air bubbles are delivered by the air stones to the tank.

Although the air pump and tube can function without air stones, grower prefers to use it with the air stones since it aids in diffusing oxygen better. With air stones oxygenating the root zones, plants are given the potential to take up nutrient more frequently.

Air stone produce oxygen more efficiently. This device creates a large number of tiny bubbles in a faster pace as compared to the slower stream of huge bubbles from the air pump and tube duo. These small bubbles have a more significant surface area which aids the oxygen to diffuse better into the liquid nutrients. The porous nature of the air stone makes all of these possible.

Temperature and Oxygen

It is vital to bear in mind the temperature of the air being pumped through the air stones in the hydroponic system. A warmer setup will be able to retain less dissolved oxygen than a colder one.

Moreover, plant roots may be subjected to stress if it continually receives nutrient air in higher temperatures.

Ideally, the temperature in the system should be lower than the ambient air temperature. Since pumping warm air into the oxygenation system is not a good idea, place the air pump away from lamps or other equipment that could warm the air.

A quicker depletion of the nutrient solution is noticeable when up taking oxygen via air stones, in comparison to before using the device. This is simply due to the fact that the crops are better able to absorb the nutrients in the liquid solution.

It is recommended to test out the amount of nutrient more often until the perfect rhythm of the solution the plant need is found.
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The Different Types of Air Stones

EcoPlus Large Round Air StoneThere are different types of air stones to fit most growing needs. There are the cylindrical, smaller oval, round ones or long, thin ones up to a foot long for rectangular tanks are available in the market. Since its relatively inexpensive, growers can try several setups to determine the best option for the growing system.

The following are the most common types used in hydroponics.

Coke Can Air Stone

Also known as the cylinder air stone, these airstones are ideal for a large reservoir. It is perfect for tanks that require a flow of air of ranging from 5 to 10 LPM. As a result of its cylindrical shape, these devices produce a variety of big and small bubbles.

Gold Ball Air Stone

These round air stones are usually around 25 mm diameter and the ones commonly used in aquariums. It is sufficient for an air pump of 5 LPM.

The Ceramic Disc Air Stone

As the name implies, these stones come in flat round shapes. It is the most durable amongst the group since it is made from ceramic compounds. The stones surface area and shape encourage the disc to distribute more bubbles, adequate for larger tanks. Its airflow capacity is at 2.5 to 10 LPM.
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Air Stone Placing

EcoPlus Large Round Air StoneOften, there is some confusion, particularly with novice growers, as to the perfect position to maximize oxygen diffusion.

The longer that bubbles take to get to the surface, the deeper the air stones are in the water, the better. This is best in order to allow the oxygen more time to diffuse in the solution of nutrients, which in turn produce optimum dissolved oxygen rates.

Furthermore, the air stones can successfully give off oxygen and be given ample chance to blend nicely with the water and nutrient solution. The sufficient space and bubbling in between triggers mixing and diffusion of nutrients, water, and air.

Regardless whether it’s through using air stones, rely solely on nutrients to provide dissolved oxygen or some other methods, it is undeniable how essential it is to get more oxygen into the plant’s roots. Finding the best way suitable for the grow setup can ensure the operation’s success.
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EcoPlus Large Round Air Stone

EcoPlus Large Round Air StoneThe EcoPlus Air Stone is a compressed silicate air diffuser. The large, round type is available at growers House for $4.08 each.

These exceptional quality air stones add oxygen and aerate the water in the grow system or reservoir. It helps to maintain even water temperature and circulates nutrients into the mixture.

This stone requires 10 liters of air per minute and must be used with a 3/16 inch inside diameter tubing. To operate effectively, connect it to an adequate air pump. Buy EcoPlus Large Round Air Stone Click Here!

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