January 17, 2019

Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit 2 Part Cali Pro Base:

On nutrients, a little always goes a long way. Using half the recommended dosage or products made explicitly for cannabis prevents an overabundance of nutrients getting absorbed by the crops. It’s a reasonable precaution to give only enough nutrients and do a gradual increase afterward to gauge the plant’s individual nutritional needs accurately.

Frequently checking for indications of problems in the plants and correcting the deficiency right away is better than overfeeding and needing to flush.

For example, leaves yellowing at the bottom of the plant is normal during the late flowering stage. However, if there’s slight yellowing of leaves at any other time, it may be time to move up the levels a notch. It should be remedied as soon as possible to ensure there are ample leaves until the end part of the life cycle.

Too many nutrients

Some cultivators use the method wherein the crops are tested to its limits and feed as much as possible without causing any nutrient burn. There is no guarantee though that it would not happen. If it did when buds are forming, the injuries would be evident on the actual sugar leaves. This will cause the harvested flowers to look rough, even if the buds appear to be okay.

When it comes to hydroponic growing, checking the water PPM is the most accurate way to know whether or not the plants need more or fewer nutrients. With hand-watered plants, the PPM of the water going in and running off out of the bottom should both be checked. For example, the PPM of the nutrient water going in should be equal or a little less than the PPM level of the run-off water. If the variance is too high, that means the crops are getting a disproportionate amount of nutrients.

There are conflicting opinions concerning when fertilization should stop during the blooming phase. There has not been a consensus made as of yet, and it is all based on personal preferences. Soil growers usually stop giving nutrient sooner than hydro growers. Identically, some growers fertilize up until the very end while some halts weeks or days before the harvest time. It pays to learn the advantages and disadvantages of both and find the most effective one for the growth scenario.

Best Nutrients Ratio for Cannabis

It is a vital part of the entire equation that plants get the correct amount of nutrients at the right time. Each of the primary life stages of crops, vegetative and flowering, requires a different nutrient ratio. Most nutrient products display the NPK ratio which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Following the ratio below has been proven to yield the best results:

Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit 2 Part Cali Pro BaseDuring the vegetative phase, it is advisable to use the general purpose or high nitrogen formula. It may be started once the plant opens its first leaves. If a high-quality soil is used, these nutrients can be skipped for the initial three to four weeks while the plants use up all the nutrients in the media to avoid overfeeding.

Once the buds start forming, the nutrients should be switched to the low nitrogen with plenty of P and K formula. This bloom compound ensures the crops get enough Phosphorus and Potassium, which are essential to the development of buds.

Potassium aids in increasing the weight or bulk of buds while Phosphorus helps in multiplying the number of flowers. Going overboard heightens the chances of nutrient burns. Therefore, growers must be cautious with the dosages.

Not to mention, excessive nitrogen on plants during the blooming phase also leads to underdeveloped buds and tends to add some unpleasant flavor to the buds.
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Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest sprouted from an idea created from thousands of conversations with passionate cultivators. By witnessing the expertise and knowledge first hand, the company saw the actual nutrient needs of these growers that are not addressed by the competition.

Growers want top quality, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced nutrients. And, that is what Emerald Harvest delivers.

The easy-pour smart bottles safeguard product from loss with its minimized spillage features. The base nutrients concentrate pack a maximum punch per liter.

The most demanding crop strains’ nutritional needs are met with the powerful yet straightforward range of one-and-done supplements.

With Emerald Harvest, cultivators get to spend less on money and time mixing nutrients and more on enjoying the garden and expanding the business.

Without undue complexity or expense, it helps plants reach its maximum genetic potential. For a simple and easy gardening success, try Emerald Harvest.
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Kick-Starter Kit 2 Part Cali Pro Base

Growers often face a tough challenge of switching from one nutrient brand to another. With the Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit 2 Part Cali Pro Base, though, the plants could get a taste of Emerald Harvest premium line of nutrients with minimal risk.

The Kick-Starter Kit is for sale in growers House for $225. It includes quart-sized bottles of Cali Pro Grow A and B and Cali Pro Bloom A and B.

As a bonus, samples of Emerald Harvest’s top-selling supplements are included at no extra cost.

  • Emerald Goddess: premium plant tonic
  • Honey Chome: aroma and resin enricher
  • King Kola: powerful bloom booster
  • Root Wizard: massive root builder

Emerald Harvest’s complete 2-part base nutrient series, Cali Pro Grow A and B and Cali Pro Bloom A and B, helps plants reach its full genetic potential.

These nutrients are engineered to fuel the garden all throughout the plant’s life cycle. It encourages robust productivity from rooting all the way to harvest.

With Cali Pro’s simple feeding program, Emerald Harvest helps novice growers and experts alike achieve successful harvests. Apply Cali Pro Grow A and B during the vegetative and Cali Pro Bloom A and B during the flowering stage.

Directions for Use:

  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Measure nutrients properly.
  • Pour the A and B parts in equal portions.
  • Mix each portion well in the water before adding the second part.
  • Do not premix nutrients.

Ratio per liter of water:

Seedlings & Cuttings:

  • Grow A and B: 1 ml

Early Vegetative:

  • Grow A and B: 2.5 ml, Grow B: 2.5 ml

Late Vegetative:

  • Grow A and B: 2.5 ml

Early Flowering:

  • Bloom A and B: 3 ml

Mid Flowering:

  • Bloom A and B: 3 ml

Late Flowering:

  • Bloom A and B: 2.5 ml

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