Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’

January 17, 2019

Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’:

Many commercial growers are now eying improvements to the bench system as a way to maximize efficiency. These enhancements are driven by lower prices and shrinking profit margins on cannabis. Since most aspects of cultivation is connected to this system choice, it logical to step up the game there.

Whether building a new one or improving or expanding an existing one, growers would always want to consider the latest technology in rolling benches.

Along comes Fast Fit Rolling Benches that provide more plant space by eradicating the need for a dedicated aisle. These extremely durable rolling benches make for a great option for any commercial cannabis grow operation.

With a crop as valuable as cannabis, these rolling bench features directly equate to much higher profits and maximum space efficiency.
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Fast Fit Rolling Bench

Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’The Fast Fit Rolling Bench aids growers in maximizing the grow area. It minimizes the risk of stem damage by supports maturing plants through top-heavy growth. Its unique design allows the table top to smoothly roll from side to side. This eliminates the need for multiple aisles in-between each row.

This expandable bench system is available at Growers House for $333.27and comes with a one-year warranty. It can easily be connected end to end to create custom lengths and can be assembled quickly with minimal hardware and tools.

The rolling bars of this bench is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel. Heavy duty steel with a long-lasting powder coated finish constructs the base and tabletop frame for excellent protection from grow room environments.

These benches can accommodate the largest grow trays in the industry. It rolls 9 inches to each side. Trays are sold separately.

Overall outside dimensions of tabletop: 50.25 x 102.25 inches

Overall height: 27.25 inches


  • Can be set up to be either stationary or rolling
  • Can be fabricated in ebb and flood trays, expanded metal covering, or irrigation troughs
  • Assembly designed for easy installation
  • Brackets clip into place on the side rail of the benches
  • The snap-together profiles fittings and factory welded stands makes the job easier
  • Mitered corners prevent workers or customers from ripping clothing

Why Use?

Rolling bench systems remove the need to reserve space for stationary aisle leaving more room for the canopy. Tabletops slide from side-to-side, butting into each other to make room for a single aisle that can be relocated wherever it’s needed.

Although rolling benches cost 20 to 25 percent more than other types of benches, it’s common to see a return on investment in less than a year. It can increase grow space by 60 percent.

Using rolling benches require fewer people to move the plants around, therefore allowing to maintain a small and consistent workforce. The environment it helps create keeps plants to move continuously through each growth stage, so it streamlines labor during a perpetual harvest.

With fewer people handling the plants, risks of introducing pests and pathogens are less. The worst carriers of pathogens and microbial that could be harmful to the product are people.

These benches can work with soil, hydroponics and pretty much everything. Its placement needs to be thought out and planned properly. Growers need to understand the process and know everything about the grow space and the flow of the system. These systems are a critical factor of long-term success in a cannabis grows.
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A Bench to Improve Yield

Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’It’s always sensible to consider the grow table and growing method options available when planning the layout for the rolling benches. Several extra minutes of planning can save growers hours on end of frustration.

There are several things to contemplate on. Can the rolling grow table can be bolted to the ground or if there are heating elements embedded in the floor? Also, if the grow tables require wheels to be moved about in the facility or if light support or trellis are needed.

Going through the list of options and deciding on the best possible solution will help ensure no feature was overlooked. Choosing the Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’ can potentially improve the output and quality of cannabis production. Buy Fast Fit Rolling Bench Tray Stand 4’ x 8’ Click Here!

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