January 14, 2019

A few days ago, President Donald Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States. Both Trump and Sessions believe ‘good people don’t smoke marijuana’, this made the people think that the Trump administration would declare the possession, sale, and use of cannabis illegal again in the United States. White House spokesperson Sean Spicer, in a press briefing, has also indicated that Trump administration would crack down on marijuana legalization.

Though this serious statement was made by the White House but many states are unsure whether to take it seriously or not. As of today, the sale and use of cannabis is legal in 28 states as well as the district capital. Most people from the states in which cannabis is legalized believe that the Trump administration won’t target states where marijuana is already legal.

Marijuana Federal Law
Marijuana Federal Law – Image powered by Marijuanapossessionlaws.org

Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg also told the press reporters that he does not think that Trump would turn his back on the Colorado pot laws. He also said that president Trump believes and support federalism, thus, he would respect the marijuana legalization bill passed by the state of Colorado. The Colorado U.S. Senator Cory Gardner also informed the press that it is highly unlikely that the federal policy towards the state of Colorado would change.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump – Image powered by Businessinsider.com

Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg also said during an interview that he believes President Trump will let Colorado do what it believes is best for its people rather than imposing something else on the state. He also said that the state of Colorado has emerged as a leader when it comes to weed and regulation. Other states, according to Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, now look towards Colorado for inspiration and leadership.

So far, in this great debate whether the Trump administration would repeal marijuana legalization bill or not, it is interesting to see that the opinion of people regarding cannabis hasn’t changed. People who previously thought that cannabis should be banned still believe the same. Going forward, it would be interesting to find out what the Trump administration will decide regarding cannabis policy.

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  1. By Ibwatchnu ,02 Mar 2017
    It's amazing all states are treated so shirty, thus the taxpayers and we vote these dirty crooked politicians in Washington has legalized marijuana go figure that's exactly where they work and visit just like the so called governor of West […]Read More

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